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Trump’s First Weekly Address: “This Administration has Hit the Ground Running at a Record Pace”

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President Donald Trump gave his first weekly address on Saturday.    In that address, he put forth what he had been doing his first week in office and said that his administration hat “hit the ground running at a record pace.

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“This administration has hit the ground running at a record pace,” told the American people.  “Everybody’s talking about it. We’re doing it with speed and we’re doing it with intelligence. And we will never ever stop fighting on behalf of the American people.”

“In my first few days as your president, I’ve met with the leaders of some of our nation’s top manufacturing companies and labor unions,” he continued.  “My message was clear. We want to make things in America and we want to use American workers.”

“Since my election, many companies have announced they are no longer moving jobs out of our country but are instead keeping and creating jobs right here in America,” he added.  “Everyday we are fulfilling the promise we made to the American people.”

“An order to prepare for repealing and replacing Obamacare,” Trump said.  “It’s about time.”

It most definitely is time to repeal Obamacare, but not replace it, Mr. Trump.  The federal government has no business in healthcare (See the enumerated powers of Congress and the Executive Branch).

The withdrawal from the trans-pacific partnership so that we can negotiate one-on-one deals that protect American workers,” he added.  “That would have been a disastrous deal for our workers.”

“An order to begin construction of the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines following a renegotiation of terms with a requirement that pipelines installed in America be built with American steel and manufactured here,” Trump continued.  “A directive to expedite permits for new infrastructure and new manufacturing plants.”

Finally, he added, “An order to immediately begin the border wall and to crack down on sanctuary cities. They are not safe. We have to take care of that horrible situation.”


  • 15: Presidential Actions to begin fulfilling his promises to Make America Great Again.
  • 11: Diplomatic conversations with foreign leaders to promote an America First foreign policy.
  • 4: Members of President Trump’s cabinet sworn into office.
  • 3: Stakeholder meetings to get input from both workers and business leaders on jumpstarting job creation.
  • 3: Engagements with members of Congress to discuss his agenda.
  • 3: Visits to federal agencies committed to protecting our homeland and ensuring our national security.
  • 1: Official White House visit by a foreign head of state.
  • 1: Reception to honor law enforcement and first responders.
  • 1: Proclamation supporting National School Choice week.
  • The President’s team followed through on his commitment to action, by:
    • collaborating with 28 federal agencies and departments on a near daily basis.
    • discussing legislative items with at least 75 House members or their staffs and 35 Senators or their staffs.
    • making initial contact with governors in each state and territory, and having in-depth discussions with 32 governors or their staff.
    • discussing issues with 22 state attorneys general.
    • beginning outreach to our nation’s largest municipalities and tribes.

The White House website also broke down each day of the week and enumerated what Trump accomplished on each day.

Much of what President Trump put forward was countering what Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah had advanced while in office.

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