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US Finally Pulls Out of UN Organization

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In August, I reported on the immorality of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Now, the US is officially withdrawing from UNESCO.

While I wish the reasoning was because of its immorality, wasteful spending and complete and utter anti-American and anti-Christian perspective, the issue is over its anti-Israel bias.

I say that because if they change their tune on Israel, I can see the US reinstating their participation rather than getting at the core of both UNESCO and the UN.

The Washington Post reports:

The United States plans to withdraw from UNESCO, citing financial reasons, as well as what it said was an anti-Israel bias at the U.N.’s educational, cultural and science organization.

The decision to withdraw from UNESCO, which the United States helped found, was announced Thursday morning by the State Department, which said the United States would remain involved as a nonmember observer. It will take effect at the end of 2018.

It marks yet another decision by the United States to distance itself from some parts of the international community.

Some of the United States’s closest allies are among UNESCO’s 195 members. France’s U.N. ambassador, Francois Delattre, had urged the United States to remain in UNESCO this week, saying the United States “must stay committed to world affairs.”…

Blah, blah, blah.  Does anyone else get the feeling that countries like France look to the US as their big brother to deal with issues because they are so politically correct and spineless to deal with those issues themselves?

We should never have helped found UNESCO.  We should never have been, nor should we be, a part of the UN.  It is completely against our historical foundations and values as a nation.

When has there ever been a head of the UN who held to American principles?  Never!  There have only been Socialists and Communists in charge of that totalitarian organization.

Both Trump and US Ambassador Nikki Haley have been critical of the UN, but they think they will reform it.  They won’t.

The United Nations needs to be abolished and kicked out of the US. That will solve that problem.  They will no longer be able to exist and if the US is really the world leader as we are depicted, other nations will follow suit.

The US needs to remove all remaining funding to the US and then as the UN to abandon American soil for whatever dictator’s land it wants to inhabit for however long it can continue to exist.

American sovereignty will only be fully restored when we get ourselves out of this corrupt, totalitarian organization.  

The abandonment of UNESCO is a step in the right direction, and I might add that even in America, parents would do well to stop sending their kids to illegally funded US public indoctrination centers and start teaching their kids themselves, and they can start for free by clicking here.

The Washington Standard

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