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Was there a Spy, or Wasn’t There? Media Can’t Get their Story Straight!

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If you’re a bit confused about what is going on in the ongoing investigation in Russia’s impact on our 2016 election, and the role that the Trump campaign, the intelligence community, and the Clinton campaign may have had in what was happening… don’t be troubled that you can’t keep up.

The media has done an amazing job blaming President Trump for muddying the waters, when it’s the media itself that has been attempting (and succeeding) to confuse everyone.

For example, it was the Washington Post and the New York Times that originally broke the stories that revealed that there was a spy in the Trump campaign.

However, if you were to read either of these papers today you would learn that President Trump is lying and that there never was a spy in the campaign! Instead, what there was… was a “confidential informant.” See, there was this guy who was gathering information on the campaign and the people in the campaign, then surreptitiously handing that information over to the FBI who were secretly investigating that campaign. Now, sure, most of us would call this spying… but the media tells us that it’s not spying.

This is how low the media has sunk and the folks at CNN would like us to know that the President is a liar for saying that the government was spying on his campaign… even though the government was spying on his campaign. (Here’s Don Lemon explaining why there was no spy (even though there was), and here’s Jake Tapper calling the President a liar (even though he’s not lying about this).)

Thankfully, there are still some pundits out there willing to be intellectually honest. Mollie Hemingway recently appeared on Fox News where she went toe-to-toe with a Washington Post reporter who had the devil of a time explaining why her paper would reveal the fact that there was a spy in the campaign, before then arguing that there was no spy.

Hemingway blasted the media, the intelligence community, and even Republican Senator Marco Rubio while explaining the hypocrisy that was self-evident in the ongoing Russia investigation and the coverage surrounding it.

“Maybe Republican vs. Democrat isn’t the best way to view this, so much as the establishment vs. outsider. And Marco Rubio apparently is unaware that the FBI opened an investigation into the Trump campaign, he says there is no investigation into the Trump campaign — that is not a secret. They opened an investigation during the campaign, and what we have learned in the last week from reporting in the Washington Post and New York Times is that this investigation involved far more surveillance than we ever had any idea about. It wasn’t just a wiretap against a campaign aide that was able to wear a wiretap… it was also national security letters, which are secret subpoenas, and we know of at least one informant, someone secretly gathering information on the Trump campaign. We are supposedly not allowed to call that a spy, but in the normal world people call that spying, but whatever it is, it is unprecedented, and the lack of journalistic curiosity about what was going on, how this happened, and whether protocol was followed is frankly scandalous.”

Hemingway is 100% correct, and the media hacks at CNN and elsewhere should be ashamed of the way they’ve covered the ongoing investigation.

By the way, President Trump agrees with Hemingway and seems to appreciate her perspective on the matter.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

The Washington Standard

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