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We Must Put Principle Over Party!

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When I first started writing in 2013 it was largely due to my experience in social work education and the clear connection between the Obama presidency and what I was being taught. For example, the constant push for universal health care in class, the idea of white privilege and a general dislike of America among my classmates. I noticed very early in this program that many of these people had no idea what they were so angry about or why they hated America beyond what they were being indoctrinated with. All they could do was recite mainstream talking points and passages from the textbooks.

Back then it was easy to become a conservative writer. Taking my school experience and devoting some time to studying the fundamentals of Marxism and Obama’s dispositions to it, was pretty much all it took. Through the Obama years, it was easy to get caught up in this idea that the Democrats were the evil ones and Republicans were the good guys. Most of my writing at that time was devoted to exposing the Marxist connections behind everything Obama said or did. Many people likely saw my articles as being conspiratorial in nature; however, much of what I wrote was based in truth. If people took the time to research the material I provided, concerning the Hegelian Dialectic, Alinsky, psychological warfare and other topics pertinent to the socialist takeover of our country, they would have likely come to the same conclusion.

As time went by, and Trump won the 2016 election, I remember vividly suggesting that we would have to switch gears and start focusing our efforts on holding Republicans accountable because they now hold all three branches of government. Isn’t that what journalists are supposed to do? Hold the government accountable? Americans are incensed at outlets like CNN and MSNBC for their blatant bias towards the Democrat Party and their failure to do just that, hold them accountable. I have always believed that it was up to the general public to defend and uphold the principles of liberty and I felt this is what I was doing through my writing.

When Trump won the presidency, I started pointing out some strange anomalies that made me question his genuineness. First and foremost, the Clintons were at Trump’s wedding. Second, Bill Clinton, in a private phone call, encouraged his good friend Trump to run for president in 2015. It has always baffled me how the conservative right doesn’t see this as problematic. Either they really don’t believe the things they claim about the Clintons or Alinsky was right. People will accept anything if they become desperate enough. Furthermore, after making promises to arrest Hillary Clinton during his campaign, which is surely one of the reasons he won, he went back on his word by describing Bill and Hillary as good people!

Throughout the Trump presidency, we have seen him appoint people that can best be described as swamp dwellers while proclaiming to drain the swamp. He has voiced support, on national television for all to see no less, for stripping people of their constitutional rights before being afforded due process. He has instituted a bump stock ban in a way which allowed the ATF to classify a piece of plastic as a machine gun and now, he may go after silencers! Something already on the NFA list.

We still have Obamacare.

Trump has signed spending deals, increasing our debt ceiling and providing continued funding to planned parenthood with Pelosi and Schumer when the Republicans still controlled all three branches! He then stands in from of the whole country and promises to never do it again. Trump, after promising to reduce the national debt has increased it one trillion dollars in his first fourteen months as president. We are now at twenty-two trillion in national debt!

When it comes to illegal immigration, another issue which surely won him the presidency, Trump is deporting fewer immigrants that Obama did and they continue to cross the border at unprecedented rates. Why was the issue of a border wall, one of Trumps biggest promises, not brought up while the Republicans controlled all three branches of government? Why was it not brought up until the Democrats took control of the house? I know why, but it is an answer no one else wants to consider. We are being DECEIVED!

So now the issue is the census question. Trump promised to put the question of citizenship back on the census then reversed this decision because it would not be viewed favorably by the judicial system. Who cares? Trump is now claiming that he has a new way to identify and track illegal immigrants using various data collecting techniques among several federal agencies. Forgive me if I seem less than enthused. Immigration is controlled by the federal government and Trump has it within his power to close the border, build a wall and stop illegal immigration altogether.

I understand that the choices in the 2016 presidential election were Trump or Clinton. I voted for Trump too. I never imagined, however, that writing articles pointing out these facts or suggesting that maybe Trump isn’t the conservative we thought he was would be such an issue. After all, we must hold our politicians accountable, right? Instead, I have been lambasted, shunned, called a never Trumper, mocked for my ideas and even called a liberal. I have watched as people professing to be die-hard patriots with their “don’t tread on me” apparel and “it can never happen here” attitude claim he is playing a four-dimensional chess game with our second amendment rights. Ridiculous, to say the least.

My contention is the same now as it has been. We must put principle over party and hold the president accountable, even if he is our guy. We must admit that not everything the man has done has been what he has promised. If we don’t, we will continue to lose our country. That is my contention.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

The Washington Standard

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