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Western Nationalism: The Fear Factor

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In practical terms, I suppose the only disagreements I’ve had lately with so-called “New World Order” conspiracy theorists have to do with some of the alleged shadowy participants cited in the plot for global domination and the charge that the plot itself is somehow secret.

Addressing the second contention first, several key indicators of a sinister global cabal seeking to radically transform Western civilization have revealed themselves over the last few years, and even more clearly in recent months. While many analysts predicted future economic and social chaos as the European Union came into existence, it is only now that those prophecies have come to pass that the motives of European elites are clear. Obviously, the Brexit movement, which seeks to extricate the United Kingdom from the swirling morass of economic and cultural disintegration that is the EU, has been a direct result of the negative effects of that nation’s membership in that doomed alliance. In America, the insurgencies within our two major political parties and the rise of Donald Trump are instances of American citizens balking at the effects of unfettered immigration, political correctness and economic policies that compromise both America’s advantage and its sovereignty.

The point is that while conspiracy theorists’ NWO concerns have been proved valid, there hasn’t been anything particularly secret about the agenda or its implementation. While most powerful politicians have always had even more powerful private interests behind them, in this case, most of the players are known to political analysts and astute news consumers.

With regard to NWO theorists’ designation of these malevolent forces – Zionist bankers, Freemasons and so forth – in the operational sense, these distinctions are moot. We have seen the methods at work across the West, and we know who among Western leaders have sponsored policies that compromised the sovereignty and long-term survival of their nations.

Islam has a design for global domination; in fact, one might argue that Islam itself is a design for global domination. In this context, I am not suggesting that Islam is even a key player in this scenario; rather that Islam’s innate militancy is being exploited to further specific objectives of the West’s elites.

The extent to which the American electorate is revolting should not be underestimated, despite this extent being minimized by the leftist press and the elite establishment. A resurgence of nationalistic tendencies is occurring in Europe, but there is scant mention of this in the European press, save for the charges of bigotry aimed at perturbed native populations.

To the cause of expanding the knowledge base of millions of frustrated and angry Americans voters (who were frustrated and angry long before Donald Trump decided to run for president), it is important that more of us recognize some common indicators and their relevance in establishing an international socialist leviathan.

Among the more prominent methods employed by both European and American governments have been:

  • gravitation from republican-democratic governance toward oligarchical collectivism;
  • amalgamation of economies and governments to serve the agenda of those in government and their cronies at the expense of the majority of citizens;
  • politicians’ facilitation of mass migration into their nations by culturally incompatible populations;
  • Summary denial of the detrimental effects of their policies, whether it’s exploding unemployment rates or increased instances of terrorism;
  • and, attendant to these, the summary denial of Islamic doctrine as a motivating factor for the widespread increase in Islamist violence.

If nothing else, the continuity of method suggests a continuity of purpose. The shamelessness of those who govern in the West and the surreal distance from the truth of that which emanates from their lips has directly resulted in the popular political uprisings occurring in Europe and America.

Moving forward, it would be highly useful if those among the American electorate who understand the gravity of our situation seek to understand as well the continuity of purpose shared by American politicians and their European counterparts. It is also essential that we as individuals recognize why citizens across North America and Europe are taking such a hard look at their governance.

Whether or not they comprehend the machinations as well as dedicated news junkies, these millions are responding in this manner because the road they’re traveling has begun to terrify them.

Unfortunately, though it can be a highly effective motivator, fear can also be a dangerous and unpredictable one.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush.

The Washington Standard

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