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What the Leftist Attack on Tomi Lahren should Teach Us

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This is an ugly one folks.

And, honestly, I think we should prepare ourselves to see a lot more moments like this, and I’ll explain why a little later.

First, let me tell you what happened on Tuesday in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a city that is usually thought of as a bastion of Midwestern kindness. Sadly, that may no longer be so in our politically charged culture.

The fiery millennial, Tomi Lahren, was in Minneapolis attempting to enjoy a brunch with her mother when a group of restaurant goers, led by two deranged women, attacked her. Why? Because she espouses conservative ideas.

The group spit ugly profanities at Lahren, and called her a racist and bigoted. They told the young woman that she was a “piece of s***’ and ‘f****** human garbage.”

You can see what happened for yourself, via the videos shared on social media (be warned it’s filled with filthy language):



And when the UK’s Daily Mail  caught up with one of the main antagonists, she doubled down (by the way the two Minneapolis based thugs who began the assault are a woman who goes by the name Jasmine Kohler online and her friend, a 23-year old aspiring lawyer that the Daily Mail calls “Libby):

Speaking to DailyMail.com on Wednesday, Libby said that while she did not throw the water, her friend was quite right to do so because Lahren is ‘racist’ and was ‘not welcome’ Minneapolis.

‘When you use your platform to spread hate speech, you have lost your privilege to have a peaceful discourse,’ she said.

‘Especially when you come into our city, Minneapolis, which is a huge city for people of color and immigrants. She is not welcome here. Have you heard anything she says? She equated the Black Lives Matters movement to the KKK…

‘Tomi was there at the brunch and everyone at the restaurant figured it out people were walking by her table and calling her names. We were going to do a chant, “like go home Tomi,” but it didn’t happen.

‘[As Lahren was leaving], she walked by and the girl in the video tossed the water and it barely hit her,’ she said…

‘[Jasmine] absolutely shares my feelings and she was also upset that Tomi was in our city. It’s Minneapolis, it’s a very traditional, democratic city. So she knew, we all knew. She shares feelings about how she is racist and says awful things about people.

 When you use your platform to spread hate speech, you have lost your privilege to have a peaceful discourse,
Libby, 23, who got into verbal altercation with Lahren

‘I had told her about two of my girlfriends who had gone to Tomi Lahren’s show a week beforehand and how she had opened the show by saying, “If you’re a liberal, thank you for coming and being open-minded. Can you raise your hand.”

‘They were absolutely harassed, they had to leave early and they had to have security escort them out so that they were safe. So Tomi can preach all she wants about being peaceful but the people who listen to her, to what she says, they won’t take it to heart.’

Amazingly, the common thread running through all of this is that Lahren is a “racist.” But the only example the empty-headed leftwing wannabe lawyer could cite, was Lahren’s comments equating Black Lives Matter with the KKK. The same Black Lives Matter that argues that white people don’t have a right to discuss racism, that says saying “All Lives Matter” is somehow racist, that riots in urban streets inciting anger and fear among local residents, and that tells white students on campus that they must submit… or else.

It’s disgusting.

On Wednesday President Trump took to social media to defend Lahren from the ugly, rude, and inconsiderate leftists who accosted her.

But the President wasn’t the only one. Noted left-winger and constant Trump critic Kathy Griffin stood up for the young pundit as well.

Lahren seemed to notice Griffin’s defense (a classy move from someone we probably don’t expect to do such a thing), and gave thanks for all the support.

I’m personally not a Tomi Lahren fan, I can’t get behind all of the fire and brimstone in her monologues. However, she’s hardly a racist and she’s not even that far to the right. If you sat her down and discussed her political beliefs you would find that she’s a moderate Republican with some socially liberal views (like many other millennials.)

Which brings me to a greater problem that this little dustup – Online the reaction to the incident was mixed, and while many on the left expressed their distasted with what happened, there were a lot of Americans cheering on the assault. Therein lies, the problem.

When a visible percentage of your population has desensitized themselves enough that they can justify physical violence against their political opponents, your nation is in a terribly tenuous position. To make matters worse, these people who now approve of physical action against their opponents, also simultaneously argue that WORDS are a form of violence. Why does this matter? First, the left shuts down conservative speech by arguing that conservatives should not be allowed to speak because our words are violent, hurtful, and hateful (even if they’re not). Then, when they can’t stop our ideas they resort to literal, physical VIOLENCE to shut us down.

This is the very definition of cognitive dissonance. This is the schizophrenia of the left, and it is proof-positive that the left has embraced fascism. They will use any means to shut down their political opponents on the right (that’s us) and then they will justify those means to themselves by declaring their actions for “the greater good,” even as they commit the acts of violence they say they fear from us.

Be wary American conservatives, the left is out for blood.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

The Washington Standard

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