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Where in the World is this latest Poll on Obama and Gun Control Coming From?

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Oh, joy of joys! CNN/ORC has released a poll on the response of Americans to Congress’ and Obama’s illegal, unlawful, unconstitutional gun grab – I mean unilateral, dictatorial, tyrannical gun confiscation, I mean constitution-shredding, victimizing,… oh you know that thing they are trying to pass off as common sense firearm restriction. Upon reading it, it’s no wonder Congress has stopped listening to America. United States citizens can’t even agree on what’s good –meaning following the Constitution, what’s bad — violating the Constitution, or what they are truly satisfied or dissatisfied about.

The Washington Times broke down the poll to address strictly gun control.

Most Americans oppose stricter gun laws and disapprove of President Obama’s handling of gun control even as they remain split on whether the president has done enough on the issue, according to CNN/ORC poll results out Tuesday.

Sixty-two percent disapprove of Mr. Obama’s handling of the issue, compared to 35 percent who approve. And 51 percent of Americans said they are opposed to stricter gun laws, compared to 48 percent who are in favor.

Thirty-nine percent said Mr. Obama has gone too far on changing the country’s gun laws, 38 percent said he has not gone far enough, and 20 percent said he has done the right amount.

Fifty-three percent of gun owners said Mr. Obama has gone too far, while 52 percent of people without a gun in their homes said he hasn’t gone far enough.

A majority – 52 percent – did say they approve of the president’s handling of the economy. And approval of his handling of climate change has improved 4 points, to 49 percent. Overall, Mr. Obama had a 47 percent job approval rating, compared to 52 percent who said they disapprove.

What to many would seem a “no-brainer,” CNN/ORC finds the most ignorant, stupid, brain dead, lamestream enemedia barfs to answer a survey. Only in America could 62% disapprove of the Liar-in-Chief’s handling of the gun non-issue and then only 51% be opposed to stricter gun laws. Hello? Get a clue, people. As Obama claims to “enact” law, the truth is he can’t. There should be a 100% disapproval rate on this bozo. To display further stupidity, 51% of Americans oppose stricter gun laws. Talk about a dumbed down public. Any gun law is unconstitutional as the Second Amendment clearly states, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

And in the toilet paper reject category, 39% said Obama “has gone too far,” 38% said, “He ain’t gone far ’nuff,” and 20% said, “He’s got it juuust right.” Seriously, these people shouldn’t have a job as toilet paper much less be involved in any decision in the nation.

One wonders what happened to the 62% who disapproved that miraculously transformed into 39 % saying he’s gone too far.

Moreover, surprisingly, only and yes I mean only, 53% of gun owners said Obama has gone off the cliff. It’s not a big surprise that the majority of people who do not have guns would say he hasn’t gone far enough. But, ONLY 53% of gun owners think he’s gone too far. That should be an absolute 100 %.

Where in the name of Wyatt Earp do these pollsters come up with these brainless wits? Oh, I know. They contact the Weather Channel to find all those ding dongs featured on camera walking down their town’s main street through waist deep water, holding an umbrella and talking to Jim Cantore, repeating the same phrase, “It rained hard and that wind was whipping around them trees until a big ole limb broke off and hit my car. We all was in the bathtub with the kids screaming and crying. We almost didn’t make it.”

Okay, maybe not that bad; but, it’s bad enough when people do not know enough about the Constitution, the Second Amendment or where their rights originate to even answer a poll. Granted, the way the questions are phrased could have something to do with it. However, in this instance, the topic being gun control and limiting the rights of citizens to bear arms should produce not just a “no” on any gun control legislation, unlawful, unconstitutional executive decree, but a “OH, H, E, double hockey sticks, NO!”

It’s no wonder this nation is in the sad state it is in and will only get worse. While Congress has stopped listening to the public — which judging from the response in this poll who can blame them, it should be our Representatives and Senators who follow the Constitution to preserve it and God-given rights over public opinion. This nation is not a democracy. Many try to make it into one. Truth is, this nation is still a republic with a Constitution requiring Congress to uphold their oath of office to uphold, protect, support and defend the Constitution.

Another little truth that doesn’t surprise anyone — there is not enough money citizens could contribute to Congress to get them to uphold their oath as “special interest, Big Pharma, and Corporate America” pay big money to have all 535 in their back pocket. With the traitors running government and traitor Ryan directing the House, it would not surprise anyone if these gun control measures passed. Even if gun control measures don’t pass both chambers, Obama has his infamous pen and phone with an incompetent, negligent, inactive Congress that will not oppose him.

Enjoy what you have today, for in a few months, it may be gone unless this Joe Blow I keep hearing about miraculously appears as angry or angrier than a Grizzly Mama protecting her cubs in response to the last bastion of maintaining freedom being challenged.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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