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While William Barr “Goes After The Deep State,” He’s Working With Them On Gun Confiscation

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While the mainstream media has the public enthralled in an epic battle between the “deep state” and the Trump administration, another agenda is steadily advancing forward. It’s a good thing Hillary isn’t President or else it would be a lot worse, let me tell you. On Tuesday, June 16, William Barr announced the creation of a working group, which includes nine U.S. attorneys from across the country to focus on confiscating guns from those prohibited from having them due to domestic violence convictions.

On the surface, this makes sense as those prohibited from having firearms still obtain them despite their convictions and use them to commit murder. Most gun owners feel that there isn’t enough effort to enforce existing gun laws as it is.

Therein lies the problem, possessing a firearm after a domestic violence conviction is already illegal. Creating a working group to figure out how to better enforce this law proves one thing and one thing only; gun control laws do not work.

William Barr is a supporter of the unconstitutional red flag laws that are being passed in states across the country. During his confirmation hearings in January, he said as much by stating the following:

“…We need to push along the ERPOs (Extreme Risk Protection Orders), so we have these red flag laws to supplement the use of the background check to find out if someone has some mental disturbance. This is the single most important thing I think we can do in the gun control area to stop these massacres from happening in the first place.”

What is meant by supplementing the use of background checks? It sounds like an admission that background checks don’t work. The argument being made is that more should be done to keep people that are suffering from mental illness from having guns. It is already illegal for a person adjudicated mentally defective and incompetent from possessing firearms. This is another admission that gun control laws do not work.

How are they going to determine if someone has a mental disturbance? Under many of the red flag laws in the country, it is up to law enforcement or a judge to make a quick, on the spot assessment on the state of an individual’s mental health when determining whether to confiscate guns. This is troubling in many ways.

As I mentioned in a previous article on mental health, many of the recent mass shooters were under the care of trained psychiatrists who failed to detect the potential danger.

Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) is currently working on legislation which grants taxpayer money to states that currently have red flag laws on the books. This will encourage states that do not have them to pass their own versions in the future. Graham claims that his legislation allows for “ample due process provisions,” however, Donald Trump stated he believes guns should be taken first and due process can come later in a gun control meeting with Dianne Feinstein.

No one wants criminals or seriously disturbed people from possessing firearms. The road we are taking on this issue is a dangerous one, despite its seemingly noble intentions. Who is defining mental health? What does “ample” due process mean? Being afforded the opportunity to prove your innocence after you have had your guns confiscated is not due process.

In several states where red flag laws exist shootings are still taking place. In my book, Psychopolitics in America: A Nation Under Conquest, I highlight several murders that occurred in Florida despite the passing of their red flag law. California has had them on the books for several years and despite their highly regarded universal background check law, which went into effect in 1991, there has been no change in the number of gun-related murders in that state. An individual recently opened fire in a California Costco, killing two. Gun control does not work.

While the nation sits on the edge of their seat waiting for Attorney General Barr to “get the deep state” he is coming together with them to ram gun control down our throats. Most people are so wrapped up in the right vs. left paradigm that they don’t even notice. This demonstrates the effectiveness of media propaganda.

There are already laws on the books across the country which address these issues. As noted earlier, these laws need to be enforced. Stripping innocent Americans of their rights based on suspicion and hearsay will do nothing to stop violent criminals.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

The Washington Standard

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