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White House Hypocritically Slams Mudslinging of Republicans as “Damaging” Nations’ Reputation

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In all honesty, the interaction between the GOP presidential candidate nominees has been deplorable with the mud-slinging insults and accusations. This election cycle is shaping up to be a comedic kitsch of characters worthy of featuring on Saturday Night Live. While this is an embarrassment to the nation, one can hardly say this behavior is damaging the nation more than the Hussein Soetoro administration. However, that is exactly the rhetoric coming from the White House.

On Monday, White House Spokesman Josh Earnest stated that Republican candidates need to be mindful of the leaders of other nations watching the contentious race. Basically, “the White House slammed the rhetoric from Republican presidential candidates on the trail.”

Earnest stated, “We’ve on a number of occasions had an opportunity to express our significant concerns with some of the divisive rhetoric that has been uttered on the campaign trail — not just by Mr. Trump but by a variety of Republican candidates for president. Many of those declarative statements are in direct conflict with basic American values, the kinds of values that were critical to the founding of this nation and values that have long been cherished by generations of America.”

The administration that works to violate every basic American value critical to the founding of this nation and cherished by Americans is criticizing Republican candidates for “damaging” the nation’s reputation by campaign mudslinging. Granted, it is behavior better suited to middle and high school. It is undignified and deplorable. However, one would be hard pressed to see how their exchange of platforms, insults, childish tit-for-tats, name-calling, and overall, flinging accusations around could damage this nation more than the failed foreign and domestic policies of one Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah.

According to Politico:

Earnest gave no specific examples, but GOP front-runner Donald Trump has called for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and proposed a temporary ban on all Muslims. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto earlier Monday suggested Trump’s rhetoric has damaged the relationship between the two nations.

“The leaders of other countries are watching. The populations of other countries are watching,” Earnest said. “And part of a presidential campaign is to demonstrate to the American people, who ultimately will be doing the choosing here, that you have the aptitude to lead the country, and that means being a faithful messenger when it comes to articulating the values of the country.”

Whoo Wee! This is not in any way funny; however, one cannot help but laugh. It’s interesting that Politico would focus on Donald Trump while ignoring the other two. While not a Trump supporter, his ideas for securing the southern border of the united States with a wall and temporarily suspending unvetted, unfettered Muslim immigration have registered high with the American public. As this current administration violates the law by refusing to enforce constitutional immigration law and ignores the illegal alien invasion of the united States, citizens are ready for a candidate who recognizes the problem this presents and formulates a plan to counter it. While other candidates flirt with the notion of “amnesty” or a “pathway to citizenship” or even the resurrection of the atrocious “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, citizens are not buying the “dreamer” story or other excuses to allow illegal alien invaders to violate the law with impunity.

And, please, for everyone’s Aunt Fannie, the White House should explain what it is this nation owes to Mexico to worry about “damaging” the relationship? The government of Mexico headed by President Enrique Pena Nieto is filled with corruption, crime and mafia style operations. The trade agreement with Mexico has resulted in a US trade deficit and the loss of 682,000 jobs across all states. Of course, no one wants to mention the fact that the Mexican government allowed illegal alien invaders from the Central American countries to waltz across Mexico to the US southern border without harassment or internment in a Mexican prison. However, let one American inadvertently stray into Mexico and it’s straight to prison for months without basic human rights. For the icing on the cake, Mexico minds not sucking at the united States teat courtesy of the American taxpayers.

So, again, what has Mexico done for the united States that anyone is worried about the relationship with it?

It is laughable that Earnest would bring up “faithful messenger” in articulating American values and displaying “aptitude to run the country.” His boss failed at both, yet still sits in the Oval Office. Earnest, of all people, should know that while the people vote in an election for president, the ultimate determiner of who attains the office is the Electoral College.

The Hussein Soetoro mouthpiece added that part of being presidential is displaying aptitude worthy of the office and being the “faithful messenger” of values. Earnest added, “And I think all too often on the campaign trail a number of Republican candidates have, at least in my view, fallen quite short of that.”

If this isn’t enough to get one howling with laughter, Earnest actually had the audacity to tell reporters that the united States relationship with Mexico was “critical to national security and the economy.”

More than likely, it is the reverse – Mexico’s relationship with the united States is critical to its national security and economy. From where many sit, Mexico drains jobs here, hurts our economy through trade deficit, and threatens our national security through lax enforcement of their own immigration laws except when involving Americans. Let’s not forget the many residents of Mexico who send their children to school in the united States by having a post office box as an address. The children cross the border daily unfettered, under the nose of border patrol – who know what is happening, and border patrol cannot act. If there is any question about this, see “They Come To America” video series by Dennis Michael Lynch. Short film clips can be seen on You Tube.

Last, but not least, Mexican drug cartels operate across the border with little resistance from any immigration enforcement official, while other types of criminals mosey into the united States from Mexico as well as other nations aided and abetted by Mexico. And, who cares what the president of Mexico thinks about any party politics or rhetoric in this nation?

Does anyone need reminding of the “1,180 Documented Examples of Hussein Soetoro’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, Hypocrisy, Waste, Etc.?” What about the numerous scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton? Benghazi gate and email gate certainly damages the reputation of this nation.

So far, all any Republican candidate has done is talk trash – a recurring theme with Republicans in or out of office. While their behavior is an embarrassment to the nation, deplorable and unbecoming, Hussein’s Soetoro’s and Hillary Clinton‘s actions have been more damaging to this nation than any political rhetoric. Actions speak louder than words.

The Washington Standard

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