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Why the Left Fears Me

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Earlier this week, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump came under intense fire over his proposal to initiate a hiatus of entries into the U.S. for Muslims, including refugees, tourists and some Muslim American citizens. His is similar to a policy employed by President Roosevelt during World War II pertaining to those of German, Italian and Japanese descent. At that time, the government had no way of knowing who among those might be Axis sympathizers or operatives.

While I am not a Trump supporter, and have numerous suspicions as to why he is in the race for the nomination at all, his rationale is quite sound and obviously has precedent.

Trump’s willingness to speak frankly on this and other key topics has resonated with many Americans who, as we already know, are far more concerned about terrorism, the economic and social impact of unfettered illegal immigration, and corruption in government than they are concerned about climate change, economic injustice and “safe spaces” for radicals, racists and deviants on college campuses.

I can always tell I’ve hit a nerve when something I’ve written causes the left-wing websites to go berserk in their efforts to ridicule me following its publication. When anyone hits a nerve, we typically see more hyperbole, mischaracterization and ridiculous extrapolations than usual from the left. By hitting a nerve, I mean articulating concepts truly threatening to the agenda of the left.

Black conservatives tend to grind on those aforementioned leftist nerves by their very existence; this is why such vigorous efforts are made by the left to marginalize them. Part of this stems from leftists’ thinly veiled racism; they resent black conservatives for not “minding their place” by rejecting liberal doctrine and liberals’ largesse.

Another factor is a fallacy or stereotype the left itself created, and which is a component of negrophilia: The notion that black Americans possess some mysterious, sage wisdom originating in their unique collective experience on this continent.

Following this line of reasoning, it’s all well and good for a right-wing nut job like me and my ilk to howl at the moon about communists and conspiracies, but it’s an entirely different proposition if people start seriously considering what we have to say.

Sadly, there are too many well-known conservatives (black, white and other) who never merit the scrutiny of the left because their analysis remains extraordinarily superficial. Although I don’t see anything particularly brave in doing it, I am not afraid to say what a preponderance of the evidence suggests. There are certain issues upon which I and a select few others expound which would be extremely damaging to the left’s agenda if people were to begin considering them to any meaningful degree.

A big problem the left has right now is that their lies have grown so big – and one of the biggest has to do with the nature of Islam.

Judging from how establishment Republicans reacted to Donald Trump’s proposal, we can also see that dhimmitude is endemic among this group. Indeed, many influential Republicans are at least as politically compromised due to their involvement with Islamist front groups as are influential Democrats.

Say – speaking strictly hypothetically, of course – I went even further than Trump and stated that “Muslims are garbage, and we don’t need them here under any circumstances.” Not only would the left have a field day, but those establishment Republicans and even some conservatives would balk. Hold on now – we can’t consign over a billion people to the status of garbage!

But why not? If I said “White supremacists are garbage,” I would be hard-pressed to find anyone to disagree with me. What is white supremacy? In short, it’s a pernicious belief system that embodies the inhumane. Many would concur that its followers are “garbage” in the colloquial sense.

What is Islam? It, too, is a belief system – one that advances xenophobia, institutional deception, murder, rape, extortion, slavery, pedophilia and a host of other grievous affronts to the human spirit – an embodiment of the inhumane.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, it doesn’t matter if five guys goose-stepping in circles in a garage down the block or a billion people worldwide subscribe to something; if it embodies the inhumane, we want no part of it. The only agencies that continue to doggedly insist that Islam is a benign religion meriting protection under the First Amendment are those in collusion with Islamists.

Why should the left have a cat if I disrespect Muslims in such an impudent manner? Who cares what one big fat narrow-minded meanie and Islamophobic bigot has to say, anyhow?

Well, imagine all of America suddenly becoming aware of what a dire threat Islam truly is. Their first question would be: Who left us so vulnerable to those of that vile creed in the first place? Then, they would start looking at the great many calamities for which America has been put at risk, and who is responsible. Ultimately, they would get to the causation of discrete hazards such as the recent rise in ethnic tensions, the advancement of sexual ambiguity, the shameless proliferation of crony capitalism, the weaponizing of government against the people, the marginalization of Christians and the insinuation of enemy operatives into sensitive security positions in our government, to name just a few.

The ensuing momentum of that mass of angry Americans on the march could entirely crush not only the radical left, but progressivism as well.

The left, the Obama administration and progressive Republicans know that a climate wherein Donald Trump is doing so well in his bid for the GOP nomination not in spite of, but because he is saying the things he is saying suggests that a few more prominent voices joining those such as mine could lead to the undoing of a hundred years of their evil work.

*Article by Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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