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Will the Dallas Police Shootings Mark the Beginning of another US Civil War?

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What began in Dallas yesterday was just the beginning. Alex Jones is 100% correct in the video below. July 7th, will mark the beginning of a long summer of chaos filled with economic and cultural upheaval. Perhaps, many years from now, history might even record the massacre of police officers by sniper fire yesterday the same way they record the first shots fired at Fort Sumter, South Carolina in 1861. Those were the shots that marked the beginning of the First American Civil War.

In the following video, Alex Jones breaks down how everything we’re seeing take place socially, economically, and geopolitically, are all part of a well developed plan by the global elites, and led by George Soros, with the specific intent to destabilize Western society. We already know Soros is paying people to protest and start riots, whether they know what they are protesting for or not, and we know that the recent decision by the FBI not to charge Hillary Clinton demonstrates just how far the power of globalists like the Rothschild’s (the wealthiest family on earth), George Soros, and the rest of the global elite can reach on Clinton’s behalf.

As one of the wealthiest men on earth, George Soros is the financier of the vast majority political and social upheaval taking place around the world. Just to name of a few of his previous endeavors: There was Ukraine, the Arab Spring, the European ‘Refugee Crisis,’ Ferguson, Baltimore, Occupy Wall Street, and now we have Democracy Spring and Black Lives Matter just getting warmed up for the 2016 U.S. elections.

As I’ve reported before, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and George Soros are all cut from the same cloth. They subscribe to the belief that “the ends justify the means,” regardless of whether a few people have to die or not. Our own CIA has even linked George Soros to terrorist bombings, but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to be Hillary Clinton’s largest donor, or stop him from pumping tens of millions of dollars into radical leftist groups trying to upend American society with impunity.

Don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to Alex Jones. Look to history. Look what happened recently in Ukraine, and with plenty of help from George Soros. It might seem like an eternity ago in our U.S. news cycle that is obsessed with pushing false narratives like Trump’s racist tenancies, and Hillary’s fitness for President, but just three years short years ago, the movement in Ukraine began as a “police brutality movement” funded by none other than George Soros.

What began in Dallas yesterday was just the beginning. Alex Jones is 100% correct in the video below. July 7th, will mark the beginning of a long summer of chaos filled with economic and cultural upheaval, and it will be fueled by both propaganda and censorship coming from Facebook, Google, the Mainstream Media, and of course the White House.

Ask yourself though, did what took place in Ukraine, the Arab Spring, the European ‘Refugee Crisis,’ Ferguson, Baltimore, or Occupy Wall Street work out for the groups doing Soros’ dirty work? I didn’t think so.


In the video, Alex talked about how the Soros backed movement in Ukraine began as a “police brutality movement.” Like any civilized society, of course there was a small percentage of bad police in Ukraine, but the whole movement was framed as “All police are corrupt, and need to go.” Does that remind you of anything that just happened in Dallas last night? Does it remind of you of the chants by George Soros funded group Black Lives Matter? What was the chant again?

“What do we want… pigs… pigs in a blanket… fry ’em like bacon”



History tells us how this story ends, but you HAVE to KNOW history. Like any country, Ukraine could only take so much chaos before it was eventually destabilized. What took the place of the government being protested for “police brutality” wasn’t a government that is friendly to those who were protesting, or friendly to anyone else for that matter. Instead, a ruthless fascist government stepped in, which was always Soros’ plan. Now the people of Ukraine live in a militarized police state, so if you consider everyone living in social and economic hell “social justice,” then I guess Ukraine got the “social justice” they fought so hard for.

The George Soros funded fools that were duped in Ukraine, just like the George Soros funded fools being duped in Black Lives Matter, are no more than “prey” to a ruthless predator like Soros. He knows members of Black Lives matter can be easily manipulated, so millions are spent to fool them by telling lies that might sound good, but will never materialize. Little do the fools in Black Live Matter realize, they are fighting the very people who are trying to help them and lift us all out of poverty.

There’s an old saying, and it should make PERFECT sense to anyone in Black Lives Matter that stops long enough to listen to it. What happens in a bay full of boats at high tide? The rising tide lifts ALL the boats, right? The same goes for the economy. Aside for the global elites, average middle class Americans, and even most upper class wealthy Americans realize that simple fact. By helping themselves, everyone of all races, colors, and classes wins. Black Lives Matter people are being USED as expendable pawns to usher in a police state. As proof that a rising tide lifts all boats, look at what Obama and liberal lies have given blacks…

As the video below explains, on EVERY leading economic issue, Black Americans are WORSE off under Barack Obama and liberal policies than at ANY time in recent history, yet they’re being duped into thinking the very people who put them there are their allies. They are fighting the people trying to help. Make no mistake, if allowed to continue with their plans, Black Lives Matter WILL destabilize the country, and Martial Law WILL be called in. Then we ALL lose.


Rest assured, the American people will not take to Martial Law or to any further abuse of their inalienable rights lightly. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Black Lives Matter, and the Globalists who support them had best tread lightly. Last I checked, roughly 100,000,000 Americans owned roughly 300,000,000 guns. Tread lightly globalists. Tread lightly, lest you wake the giant.

Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand. Article by Michael DePinto.

The Washington Standard

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