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Will Donald Trump’s Position on This Issue Cause Him to Lose The Election?

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Trump has been accused of being racist. The reason for this is his stance on building a wall on the Mexican border.

Though many Democrats have bemoaned this platform, there are a few in the state of California who hope to exploit Trump’s stance. They are hoping that this situation will make Latinos come to the polls in large numbers and tip the scales. They have failed twice before, but they think that Trump will put them over the top.

Fox reports:

After two failed bids to grant voting rights to illegal immigrants, some San Francisco officials believe they have found the man who can make it happen: Donald Trump.

A proposed charter amendment drafted by Board of Supervisors member Eric Mar would give illegal immigrants with kids in the public school system the right to vote in school elections. Voters have rejected two previous ballot proposals, but Mar is betting on anti-Trump sentiment to carry the pro-illegal immigrant proposal if he can get it on the November ballot.

This measure will be the nose in the tent that these people need to call for illegal immigrants the right to vote in all elections. So, this will mean that law abiding citizens will be nullified by lawbreakers. People that have no respect for our laws or our process will flood the polls, and we will see the end of the Republic.

But let me have an expert explain it to you.

Fox continues:

The plan is “bad public policy,” according to Hans von Spakovsky, the senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation and former Federal Elections Commission member.

“It is wrong to extend the vote to individuals who have not entered the American social compact or made a commitment to our Constitution, our law, and our cultural and political heritage by becoming citizens,” von Spakovsky said. “It is even worse to extend the franchise to illegal aliens whose very first act is to violate our laws; that encourages contempt for the law.”

This stupidity cannot be accidental. People with this much education cannot be this shortsighted. They are trying to destroy our nation.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware

The Washington Standard

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