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Yet Another Medical Expert Speaks Out Against COVID Narrative – Why Are Some Americans Still Not Paying Attention? (Video)

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In this episode of “Hamner It Out”, a look at a presentation by Dr. Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, on COVID-19 prevention and treatment given during the “Capitol Clarity” event in Idaho is reviewed. Thanks to Brian Shihavy, editor at Health Impact News, for the information and video of Dr. Cole.

According to Dr. Cole, Idaho is no longer in a “pandemic” phase but an endemic phase. As you know, this has been called a “plan-demic” or “scam-demic” because the microorganism supposedly causing individuals to be sick, dubbed COVID-19, has never been purified, isolated or proven to exist. But, even if it were, Dr. Cole indicates what has been done is nothing short of medical nihilism.

He confirms much of has been said by Sons of Liberty Media Health and Wellness expert Kate Shemirani, Dr. Kevin Corbett, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Lee Merritt, investigative journalists, authors at Sons of Liberty Media, and others. While many are awake and aware and the information presented by Dr. Cole is known by many, it deserves repeating so others can fully grasp the gravity of what is happening and what it takes to promote a healthy immune system.

It will hopefully have many, who are still in doubt, taking heed to the information since multiple experts are providing the same information and help those to question what is coming out of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute of Health (NIH), Anthony S. Fauci, the lamestream government-controlled propaganda entertainment enemedia (LGCPEE), and others “parroting the corporate narrative”.

Stay vigilant and do your own research. Catch you on the flip side!

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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