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Andrew Gillum Accuses Ron DeSantis of Anti-Semitism Over David Horowitz

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Andrew Gillum, the Bernie candidate aspiring to run Florida, has a compelling platform. Racism.

Gillum isn’t saying he’s a racist. Everyone else is a racist. And I do mean everyone.

If you call Andrew Gillum “Andrew” instead of Mayor Gillum (Andy currently runs Tallahassee, a city with the highest crime rate in Florida), you’re a racist.

“I’m a sitting mayor and he had the nerve to address me only as Andrew,” Gillum had whined about former Rep. Ron DeSantis, his Republican opponent, at a black college.

It was a debate and Gillum had actually been standing at the time. Also, Andrew had compared Ron to a dog and found two hundred different ways to accuse Ron of racism.

“I wanted to correct him, y’all, but I didn’t want to be petty,” he told students.

Good thing, Andrew chose not to be petty about it. When you’re a standing mayor of a city with a higher murder rate than Miami, you’ve gotta think big, y’all.

Just wait until you see what happens to those Floridians sent to the swamp gulags for failing to genuflect before Governor Gillum when the gubernatorial limo swings by.

Also if you pay attention to Gillum’s lies about corruption in an FBI investigation, you’re a racist.

“They’ve wanted the people of this state to believe somehow,” Gillum ranted. “I’m unethical, participated in illegal and illicit activity. I mean, you name it. The goal is obviously to use my candidacy as a way to reinforce, frankly, stereotypes about black men.”


The FBI was just using its investigation to reinforce stereotypes about black men. That explains the Hamilton tickets.

But Andrew Gillum, I’m sorry, Mayor Andrew Gillum, has only the highest evidentiary standards when accusing his political opponents of racism.

“I’m not calling Mr. DeSantis a racist,” Gillum once said. “I’m simply saying the racists believe he’s a racist.”

And the crooks allegedly believed that Andy was a crook. So by his own standards, he’s a criminal.

But whatever the FBI investigation finds, Mayor Andy continues breaking new ground in racist shamelessness. After the mass shooting of Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue, Gillum decided to shake up his game a little bit by accusing Rep. Ron DeSantis of racism… and anti-Semitism.

On The Daily Show, Andrew accused his Republican opponent of giving “too much harbor to racists and xenophobes and anti-Semites.”

When you give too much harbor to racists, where is everyone else going to dock their yachts?

As evidence of the racist and anti-Semitic harbor crisis, Gillum mentioned that Ron DeSantis had “spoken at conferences with them.”

The conferences in question would be the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Restoration Weekend events. The Washington Post and other media outlets had tried and failed to slur DeSantis as a racist for attending Freedom Center events alongside African-American speakers.

But accusing DeSantis of anti-Semitism for appearing at a conference organized by David Horowitz, a Jewish man, is ridiculous even by Gillum’s ludicrous criteria for accusing other people of bigotry.

Then, because Andrew Gillum can only top ridiculous accusations of racism with more ridiculous accusations of racism, he went on to falsely claim that his opponent had, “authored a book justifying slavery”.

The book was, Dreams From Our Founding Fathers: First Principles in the Age of Obama”, which in no way, shape or form justifies slavery. Instead, it explained the difficult compromises that the Founders had to make at the early onset of the country.

“For anti-slavery delegates like Hamilton and Franklin, abolition of slavery would be a moot point if a failure to erect a functioning government snuffed out the ideals of the American Revolution in their infancy; then, the future of all Americans, the free as well as the slave, would eventually be as serfs to a despotic government,” DeSantis wrote.

That’s not a justification of slavery. It explains why opponents of slavery decided not to break up the United States over it.

It’s a history book. A text which, like the dictionary, the duly elected ruler of a place where 1 in 5 adults struggles with reading, Hizzoner appears to be woefully unfamiliar with.

But, according to Andrew, history is also racist, as is the corruption investigation hanging over his head and referring to a standing mayor of a hellhole by his first name, instead of by his full mayoral title.

Then, because shame and Gillum haven’t been on speaking terms since 1982, he went right back to the primal smear.

After winning the GOP primary, DeSantis had gone on FOX News and warned voters that,”The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state.”

The media and Gillum claimed that this was a covert way of accusing him of being a monkey, rather than a commonplace figure of speech.

At the time, Gillium grumped, “I’m not going to go down in the gutter.” Sitting in a restaurant opposite Trevor Noah, the sitting mayor of Tallahassee decided that the gutter looked pretty good after all.

“But I mean ‘monkey around,’ right? ‘Monkey business.’ ‘Monkey it up.’ I mean this guy is Harvard- and Yale-educated. He could come up with a better phrase,” Gillum insinuated. “He said exactly what he meant to say. He communicated exactly what he wanted to say to his voters, to his constituents, and then, when he got called on it, he tried to run from it.”

As usual Gillum is projecting. He’s the one who is communicating exactly what he wants to say to the voters before running away from it. He had originally claimed that DeSantis wasn’t a racist, but that “the racists believe he’s a racist.”

Apparently one of those racists is Gillium.

If you believe Andrew Gillium, “monkey this up”, “monkey business” and “monkey around” are all the signature phrases of racists. If you doubt that Ronald Reagan was a bigot, just consider his starring role in Bedtime for Bonzo (1951) opposite a chimp. And Clint Eastwood’s conservative turn could have been read in his appearance in Every Which Way but Loose (1978) opposite an orangutan.

Reading racism into everything isn’t a sign of critical awareness. It means you’ve failed the Rorschach test and have no career options except campus agitator, as a field organizer for a leftist group fighting American “genocide”, or as the lying mayor of Tallahassee.

But Andrew Gillium wasn’t just satisfied with false accusations of racism, he decided to appropriate the pain and grief of the Jewish community in yet another false accusation, this time that of anti-Semitism.

Accusing Ron DeSantis of being anti-Semitic because he attended conferences organized by a Jewish man isn’t just a lie; it shows how shameless and ignorant Andrew Gillium’s accusations of bigotry are.

There is no depth to which he will not sink. No low that Andy will not descend to further his own career.

After using false accusations of racism to rally black voters, he’s now trying to use false accusations of anti-Semitism in a state with a large Jewish population. And it won’t matter to the media, which has helped spread his lies with its fake news, that the man he’s accusing of anti-Semitism is Jewish.

And yet, what does it say that about a movement that the man some Democrats are preemptively touting as vice presidential timber isn’t running on much except false accusations of racism?

That, and accusing one of the conservative movement’s most prominent Jews of anti-Semitism.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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