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Black Lives Matter Protesters Spend New Year’s Eve Pushing Lies, Disrupting Traffic

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In what could be said as an expected event, Black Lives Matter activists took to the streets of Washington, DC on New Year’s Eve blocking traffic to protest against brutality of police and perceived systematic institutional racism. According to the Daily Caller, the protesters “marched through the streets and cornered off intersections,” and impeded traffic by stepping in front of traffic, earning the ire of drivers who honked horns. These protesters contended that the little bit of inconvenience drivers encountered paled in comparison to “what black people have to deal with on a regular basis.”

Organizer April Goggans said that Black Lives Matter was more than a hashtag; protesters were there to show “black lives really do matter.”

Who in America has said or intimated that black lives don’t matter? Some Americans have been saying all lives matter for quite some time, but that has earned the ire of this childish movement more accurately described as “Black Lies Matter” (H/T Sheriff David Clarke). The photos say it all. This farce began with the shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. These individuals march, protest and infringe on all America supporting the thug Michael Brown — the officer who shot Brown did so properly in the line of duty. These “protesters” support a narrative of lies from witnesses who attempted to obstruct justice by portraying Officer Wilson in a negative manner.

The group has expanded their “net” to support additional thugs. Yet, these “protesters” tolerate Planned Parenthood baby murder mills near their neighborhoods. They condone the practice of murder of black babies by white doctors to the tune of millions of lives lost — innocent babies. These “thugs” have a choice to follow the law or not; follow instructions given by police or not; and, convey the truth or not. If these thugs made a bad choice, oh well, that’s on them. Innocent babies in the womb did not choose to be conceived, did not choose to be murdered, and did not choose the one who made the decision to commit murder. Where is the black community in protesting in favor of those who cannot speak for themselves, were denied a choice and the brutality suffered at the hands of their murderers? It’s ignored. So, how is it that “black lives matter” when more black babies are murdered in the womb than killed by police or suffer police brutality?

Of particular interest is black on black murder, which garners little attention in this farce of a movement. Something is definitely wrong when one police officer justifiably shoots and kills a black thug and everyone runs out to protest. Yet, no one protests the epidemic of black on black murder and the loss of innocent children’s lives as collateral damage in some of these incidences.

One protester identified everything else that was a perceived “injustice.” Protester Jazzlyn Lindsey stated, “I’m out here because black lives matter and clearly this country doesn’t realize that. Police brutality, legislative issues, economic inequality, housing disparities, food, everything, affordable education. In every single way institutional racism is keeping black people down.”

Just once, one reporter needs to ask a few questions to see if these “dumb sheeple” can respond with something other than the communist/socialist rhetoric they have been fed and regurgitate on cue. A reporter should point out that economic inequality has existed since time began; then ask, “At what level do you want to be equal and what are you willing to do to get there: work, education, government sponsoring?” In the follow up question, the reporter could address housing disparity. A good question would be, “At what point would you consider the housing disparity to be resolved: an apartment in a good neighborhood, a house in a good neighborhood, a mansion in the hills? What are you prepared to do to get there: work, education or someone give it to you?” Another question reporters should ask is, “How is institutional racism affecting food for blacks?” And, “Explain how institutional racism resulted in unaffordable education for blacks?” Try asking about the murder of black babies in the womb or black on black murder and these people go ballistic faster than any missile Iran possesses.

Another protester, Awa Sargeant, bemoaned no politician being “on their side,” politicians betraying the black community for “political expediency.” Sargeant cannot see that politicians are betraying everyone in the United States today. Yet, a reporter did not ask Sargeant, “Why do you think politicians are only betraying the black community when it’s obvious government tramples the Constitution?”

No one asks. Pictures are taken while reporters get statements from protesters regurgitating rhetoric none can explain, elaborate on the issues listed, extrapolate for themselves anything further than, “I’m fighting for my rights as a black person because systemic violence has been going on a long time and these police officers perpetuate it.” It’s more rhetoric but no reporter even asks, “What are you meaning by systemic violence and continued perpetration by police?” More than likely, this person couldn’t define “systemic” or “perpetuate.”

The reason is probably multi-leveled. Reporters cannot ask some of these people to deviate from the rhetoric since these people know only the rhetoric; those who can deviate from rhetoric become angry when asking them to explain further. If reporters asked and the individual could not answer the questions, it would prove “brain-washing” and manipulation on a massive scale among the vulnerable public by the “masters” they claim empower them. Finally, it would upset editors and detract from the sheer raw emotion and pictorial portrayal of sheeple ready to do the “master’s bidding” to accomplish an agenda then voluntarily be led to the slaughter by these same “masters” when the sheeple are no longer useful — useful idiots.

These “protesters” think somehow that equality will be achieved through continued protest, trampling of one group’s rights in favor of another, and installing communist/socialist government. What they fail to realize is communist/socialist government is a concentration of power to the already powerful wealthy elite corporatists who desire more power, an insatiable type of desire that leads to enslavement, genocide and human rights atrocities for those outside their circle. The powerful wealthy elite men in America are no different than those in Russia, China, Cuba, and other nations who murdered millions in the name of power.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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