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Farrakhan: Trump Followers Are Racist

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There is no better example of the “pot calling the kettle black” than Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam and fake “minister, accusing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump of “exacerbating the race situation in America.” In a video posted on social media accompanying his “pot/kettle” statement, the charlatan Farrakhan warned America that if Trump was elected president, it would put the United States on the “fast track” to destruction. His exact words were, “If Donald Trump becomes president, he will take America into the abyss of hell.”

This is the same man who a few months ago called for 10,000 blacks to rise up and kill whites if the federal government did not intercede on behalf of blacks; in other words, give in to the demands of Farrakhan’s insanity. Yet, Farrakhan accuses Trump of making the race situation in this country worse. In his continued display of insanity, Farrakhan predicts Trump will take America where America is headed — people in America will eventually be like Trump. Farrakhan is claiming America, meaning whites, will become more racists if Trump becomes president.

“He’ll take America exactly where America is heading. He’ll take you there on a rocket ship,” Farrakhan said. “If he becomes your president, you’ll be just like him. … When you get leadership that is not rooted in justice, then they begin to make the people just like themselves.”

Farrakhan contends those who follow Trump have always had racists feelings, but Trump’s comments are giving them permission to now air them.

This is the difference between liberals/illiberals and conservatives. Liberals/Illiberals follow a “herd mentality” when it comes to issues. Individuals, such as Farrakhan, do the thinking, set the rhetoric and tone, and liberals/illiberals pick it up then regurgitate it almost word for word, never taking the time to critically think about the stance taken. While Farrakhan speaks mainly to the black community, their liberal/illiberal will take the stance because it is “what they are told to do;” but, the liberal/illiberal white community adopts it as indicative of the perceived attitude toward blacks in America today, disregarding Farrakhan’s call for murdering of whites.

No one in the liberal/illiberal community can have any thought, action or rhetoric in opposition. Sometimes referred to as sheeple, anyone who “takes up their cause” can garner their support and lead them anywhere. As a whole, they function similar to the “Borg Collective” and will ignore criminal behavior, lawlessness, violations of the Constitution, and infringement on others’ rights if it accomplishes implementing steps leading to achievement of the goal. As we all know, these individuals are hypocrites and godless.

Conservatives, on the other hand, will engage in critical thinking — examining what is said, what is left unsaid, who has said it, question its lawfulness, and determine whether the stance or statement can be supported or not. Individual conservatives think for themselves, generally. There are those who become enamored with a politician’s or high-profile individual’s stance and personality that they are easily led. Each individual makes his/her own decisions independently. Support is given for the Constitution while criminal behavior and activity, lawlessness, violating the Constitution and infringing on another’s rights is abhorred, deserving of facing justice. Some engage in hypocritical behavior; but, for the most part, consistency is seen. Some of us are Christians, believing in God’s law, following His commandments and placing God squarely within the public sphere.

Liberals/Illiberals will cheer Farrakhan’s remarks, provide support for his platform, and complain when it drops on their front porch. However, these sheeple refuse to listen to any voice of reason of conservatives who point out the problems with Farrakhan and reject his bile. For instance, Farrakhan accused Trump’s father of making millions being a criminal, passed it to Donald to make it “clean,” and comparing it to the “business” of Michael Corleone. Yet, Al Sharpton, the tax evader he is, walks around with impunity for refusing to pay his taxes.

Farrakhan’s statements are false and volatile, especially when saying Trump supporters are closet racists and hide their racism. But, Trump supporters will expose their racism more and more as Trump peels the proverbial racist onion.

“Mr. Trump is tearing away the skin of the onion of white civility and the more he pulls the skin of that onion back, he’s beginning to show something in the character of the whites that follow him, that they don’t care what he says,” Farrakhan said. “He could say one thing this minute, another thing the next minute and you can see that the man has a little problem.”

Farrakhan needs to seek some psychiatric/psychological intervention to deal with his issue of projection. What attributes Farrakhan attributes to Trump supporters are the same attributes seen in liberals/illiberals. It’s rather comical Farrakhan would say that Trump has “a little problem” when he describes himself and his supporters/followers in his statements. Even more incredulous is Farrakhan expecting “white civility” in the middle of the aggressive, uncivil, mob-bullying activities of “Black Lives Matter” and an invasion and importation of illegal alien invaders who seek to destroy this nation in every way possible.

Again, the pot calls the kettle black trying to give advice on voting after the brain-dead, blind, deaf and dumb American public put Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah in the Oval Office a second time amid multiple scandals that stack up as worse than Watergate resulting in Nixon’s resignation to avoid impeachment. Add to the Obama scandals the criminal use of more than one Social Security number, targeting of political dissidents and opponents using the IRS, his numerous lies and violations of the Constitution — all during his first term and the evidence of the liberal/illiberal sheeple brain-dead, blind, deaf and dumb actions are clear.

Ending his hypocritical, projective statements, Farrakhan said, “You’re headed into the abyss of hell, and if you make a mistake in choosing your leaders, maybe you’ll go there faster.”

It won’t be any consolation that Farrakhan will be going right along with the rest of us. He’ll be going home to roost. But, if we, meaning the united States, heads “into the abyss of hell,” it will be the liberal/illiberal brain-dead, blind, deaf and dumb sheeple, coupled with the immoral degenerate minorities who make poor choices that will accomplish that task.

If there is anyone that needs to be “slapped silly,” “snatched bald headed,” “taken to the wood shed,” and “ripped a new one,” it is the thug, bully, murder promoting, criminal, hateful, individual who needs to take an aerial intercourse at a motivating pastry, Louis Farrakhan.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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