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It appears that the Washington machine intelligence community has determined that some of Clinton’s emails are “too damaging” to national security that they cannot be released to the American public. This begs the question, if they are too damaging for Americans to see, why has the intelligence community not arrested

Facebook, though considered to be a private enterprise with the watchful eye of government behind it through the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency, was a place where gun owners could set up private sales between each other.  Sometimes the sales took place in the same state where

In an enhanced video of the LaVoy Finicum shooting, it becomes much clearer that he was shot by one of the agents on the scene, but then after dropping his hands to where it appears he was shot, he then points to the agent that shot him just before he

A New York State trooper stopped a man who was videoing a detention facility with a drone in an attempt to violate the man’s rights, which are protected under the First Amendment. What he got instead was a humiliating lesson to not do it again. Trooper D. M. Fougere approached

Houston, Texas – Yesterday, Operation Rescue’s Texas attorney, Brisco Cain, released never-before seen documents that show Planned Parenthood engaged in providing fetal body parts from aborted babies to four public-funded Texas universities. Cain stated in a news conference held in front of the Houston Planned Parenthood office that the documents

As I previously reported, well over 600,000 Muslim migrants have “disappeared” in Europe. Bolted and aided presumably by some Islamic subterranean network no doubt. America has a similar problem with illegal visa overstays. DHS released a report detailing that a least half million foreign nationals who entered the U.S. via

Do you see the puppet strings? The plot to disarm Americans and suspend the 2nd Amendment is working with furious pace. But it is anything but head on. The 2nd Amendment makes gun ownership an inalienable right and guarantees armed and formidable populace. The NRA and other lobbies have gun

In another story of heroism, a Dallas store owner had to confront two robbers in his store on Tuesday evening. For one of the robbers, it didn’t end well. Just before 10 pm, Bunthan Te, owner of the Shop-N-Go convenience store on Munger Boulevard and Columbia Avenue, and his wife

The video has been released in the shooting of LaVoy Finicum.  The angle is a helicopter shot and shows Finicum driving his truck into a snow embankment. However, what takes place does happen different that several stories that have been conveyed. He was not charging the officers as Mark McConnell

In a move that took place late today, a caravan of dozens of vehicles headed into the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge this afternoon. Plenty of people continue to stay at the refuge. Ammon Bundy has issued a statement through his attorney to the remaining occupiers to turn themselves in without