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Back in February, I reported on trucker Kevin Kimmel, who noticed something strange, called the police and subsequently saved a woman, who had been held by couple as a sex slave. Now, as the man and woman are in court, it is coming to light that they abused the 20-year-old

In a heartbreaking bit of news, Leonard Robinson, 51, also known as Batman to man terminally ill children throughout the state, was tragically killed in an auto accident on Sunday evening in Western Maryland. Robinson, who owned a cleaning business, had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in a “60’s

Just yesterday, The New York Times reported that a “technical problem” in an air traffic control center in Leesburg, Virginia near Washington was responsible for 462 flight delays and 476 cancellations at airports all over the East Coast this weekend. The Air Route Traffic Control Center is one of 22

Several weeks ago, there was this false hope that the Environmental Protection Agency was actually protecting our natural resources from those who would callously exploit it for profit.  We now know that this was a pipe dream and that the agency has been actively dumping for at least ten years. 

Fifteen State Attorney Generals have filed suit against Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency for their sweeping and unconstitutional carbon regulations. The fifteen states who petitioned the court on Thursday are West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. If you are

Three men kicked in a homeowner’s door in an attempt to rob him. However, they soon discovered the homeowner was at home and quickly fled the scene. The video below shows that all it took was two kicks to the door to completely remove it from the frame and the

Once upon a time, it was popular to say that the U.S. government only had enough wheat stored up to provide everyone in America with half a loaf of bread. But that is not true anymore. Recently, I discovered that the U.S. does not have any strategic grain reserves left

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign hasn’t yet been derailed by reports of classified mail on her private email server, but a Marine is finding out the hard way that he won’t be granted the same leeway. Marine Reserves Major Jason Brezler, who has deployed four times, faces discharge for sending a

Over the past two years, the belligerence between Russia and NATO has grown to alarming levels. Between the Western backed color revolution in Ukraine, Russian aircraft violating NATO airspace, sanctions, and the provocative training exercises that both sides have been conducted on a routine basis, it’s abundantly clear that these

The Environmental Protection Agency may have been trying to hide the identity of the contracting company responsible for causing a major wastewater spill in southern Colorado, but the Wall Street Journal has revealed the company’s identity. Environmental Restoration (ER) LLC, a Missouri-based firm, was the “contractor whose work caused a mine spill in