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His Dictatorness Giving $2 Million for Summer Program to Help Refugee Students Find Jobs

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Our Dictator-in-Chief can’t get enough of slapping American citizens in the face.  If it’s not issuing dictatorial commands for public schools to allow boys to use girls facilities and girls to use boys facilities, it’s declaring immigration laws null and void and making declarations on Obama[no]care.  Bringing in hundreds of thousands of refugees (read illegal alien invaders) is not enough of a slap to citizens and citizens who immigrated and naturalized legally.  Now, Hussein Soetoro has established a new program to help hundreds of “refugee” students to find summer jobs and beyond.

As Breitbart News reports, the weight of the federal government is being used by the usurper in the White House to provide a program to help hundreds of “refugee” students find summer jobs to the tune of $2 million called the Summer Opportunity Project.  According to His Dictatorness, “Access to a job in the summer and beyond can make all the difference to a young person – especially those who don’t have access to many resources and opportunities.”  In total, the program provides $21 million in tax dollars to select cities and communities to help American youth find work for the summer.  However, two million of those funds are being slotted to Utica, New York, for 400 students of its “refugee” community to receive summer work experience and part-time jobs the remainder of the year.  Additionally, these students will receive tutoring in Math and English as part of the “New Americans Career Pathways Project.”

First of all, these are illegal alien invaders imported to the united States by Hussein Soetoro, not “new Americans.”   Secondly, the Constitution does not provide any authority to spend any  funds whatsoever for  any type of youth or illegal alien invader assistance of any kind.  Thirdly, there are 400 or more disadvantaged American youth that could be helped with these funds instead of handing it out to illegal alien invaders, if it were constitutional to do so.  Thirdly, these are tax dollars paid by working American citizens and should be under the apportionment of the House, not Hussein Soetoro.

According to Breitbart, this is not the first time Hussein Soetoro has taken it upon himself to do an endeavor such as this.

In 2012, the President’s jobs program helped illegals compete with Americans for scare job opportunities.

Further, by 2014 it was discovered that Obamacare offered U.S. firms a $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over Americans.

Last year, it was discovered that Obama was bringing refugees into every state in the country but refusing to tell state governors where he was placing them all.

Meanwhile, a recent report found that many of these refugees Obama is bringing into the country are racked with diseases, especially tuberculosis.

Obama is not working alone on the refugee program. The United Nations is actually the chief agency helping him bring these refugees into the U.S. under the auspices of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Is it any wonder that American citizens are a bit frustrated, angry, and enraged?  Tax dollars collected from American taxpayers are being used frivolously, unconstitutionally and singularly by this usurper traitor in the White House aided and abetted by every single member of the House of Representatives, who constitutionally control the purse.  At a time when jobs are limited, more Americans are out of work than in any other time in history barring the Great Depression, and importation of illegal aliens are perpetrated by our own federal government against the citizenry, this Piece of Slime man occupying the Oval Office doles out taxpayer money from the federal coffers like money grows on trees.

Don’t like it?  Well, it’s because you are a racist, bigoted, xenophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic, anti-Obama, gun-loving, Bible-toting, Christian, conservative, Trump-loving, wall building, climate change denying isolationist.  That will be the mantra of the multicultural, open border, atheist, pro-Obama, gun-hating, Bible reviling, anti-Christian, liberal, Trump-hating, communist, socialist, climate change advocate liberal when opposition to this pet project of His Dictatorness springs forth.

His Dictatorness joined forces with the anti-American United Nations to bring in these illegal alien invaders that American taxpayers will now be charged with footing the bill for any of his stupid ideas to increase the deficit further – a $20 trillion snafu that this nation nor its people will ever be able to wipe off their backs.  There is no need to ask where Congress is at this point.  They have been “out to lunch” getting their collective frontal lobotomies for the last seven and one-half years.  Each and every one in both chambers know this usurper has joined with the anti-American United Nations.  Yet, not one single individual has lifted one finger with an ingrown nail to do one darned thing against this slug in an Armani suit.

There is nothing wrong with charity or charitable works.  However, the Constitution does not provide for it to be done by government.  Charity and charitable works are to be done by individuals, groups and corporations.  Where are the corporations and business, along with the Chambers of Commerce, in providing a summer work program to the youth of America?  More than likely, the CEOs and stockholders of big corporations are sucking on their proverbial profits content to let the government and His Dictatorness spend taxpayer money.

By now, American citizens should have had enough of this folly.  Our founders certainly would have.   So, what’s wrong with us?

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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