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Fact Check: Harvey Milk was a Pedophile

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The media is ‘mediaing’ again and confusing its leftist culture war beliefs with actual facts.

Temecula school board president calls Harvey Milk ‘pedophile’ before book banning vote – CBS LA

An ugly scene played out at the Temecula Valley School Board meeting as they voted 3-2 to reject an elementary school social studies book that contained information about pioneering California gay rights figure Harvey Milk. The board’s president made a baseless accusation that Milk was a pedophile before voting to ban the book.

“My question is, why even mention a pedophile?” said Board President Dr. Joseph Komrosky.

By “baseless”, the media means that it hasn’t heard of it in its echo chamber and won’t even dignify it by spending 3 seconds researching it.

“As Daniel Flynn explains in Cult City: Jim Jones, Harvey Milk and 10 Days That Shook San Francisco, ‘Milk’s taste in men veered toward boys.’ Milk was nearly 17 years older than teenager Joe Campbell and Jack Galen was only 16 to Milk’s 33. Former Marine Oliver “Bill” Sipple slept with men and “knew that Harvey Milk slept with boys.” In a letter to Sipple, Milk said he had many things to do that day, such as “cook dinner, fuck Jack, take a bath, fuck Jack, listen to some music, fuck Jack, wash the dishes, fuck Jack,” and so on.

Jack was a teenage runaway. He ended up heavily on drugs.

That’s the real ugliness. Not someone actually mentioning these facts.

Now the media may argue that having a taste for underage boys doesn’t make Milk a “pedophile” in the technical sense of the word, that luring and addicting an underage teen isn’t the behavior of a pedophile.

They’re welcome to try and make that argument as long as they’re honest about it.

Milk was an enabler of Jim Jones, whose church was notorious for its abuses, and he was a classic sexual predator.

The media can argue that he was a sexual predator who enabled the abuse of children, but was not technically a pedophile.

Then maybe the media can explain why this lovely human being should have books about him pushed on kids.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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