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Female Student College Group Demand “Trigger Warnings,” But Stifle Dialogue from Opposing Views

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In May of 2014, I penned the article, “Will the Left’s Politically Correct Book Labeling Lead to Nazi-Style Book Burning?,” covering the addition of “trigger warnings” on books used in the curricula of universities to protect students from content they might find “disturbing.” Students were requesting the labeling be placed on materials that could produce Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in students who had been victims of violent crimes. The argument against “trigger warning” labels remains as it was then — one will face situations and scenarios that are disturbing throughout life; continuing to coddle students preparing to face life without a safety net is limiting the student’s ability to cope.

It is now almost two years later and the topic of trigger warnings is making its way into a “crowdsourced art exhibit” created by the female students at Barnard College. As Eric Owens wrote, “A student group at a fancypants women’s college on Manhattan’s Upper West Side has dedicated a whole wall of its student center to an art installation dedicated to the legitimacy and seriousness of trigger warnings.” The annual tuition at Barnard College runs around $62,741, which includes mandatory fees and room and board. And, this annual cost to attend Barnard is about $10,000 above the median annual household income in the united States. “Fancypants” indeed.

The “art exhibit” consists of a series of simple notes on white paper that are pinned on a rope pulled tautly against a wall. For that type of tuition, one would think the females at Barnard would try to be a bit more creative and artistic. Maybe, the group was traumatized by some book or resource that didn’t have a trigger warning and was too disturbed to create something better.

As reported by the Daily Caller:

“People asking for trigger warnings are the opposite of ‘coddled,'” reads one message.

“Trigger warnings are REAL and should be RESPECTED!” reads another.

“I have complex feelings about trigger warnings, but I think the opinions of those who they most affect should be prioritized,” reads a third.

Trigger warnings are notifications advising people that they may be about to view imagery or hear words which someone, somewhere might find offensive or somehow stressful. Such warnings are all the rage on some American college campuses.

The Barnard student group behind the trigger warning exhibit is called the Collective Advocacy Project. The group exists to help students write op-eds, prepare for presentations and “figure out how to compose catchy fliers.”

“The exhibit is definitely not meant to be pro- or anti-trigger warnings,” Collective Advocacy Project co-coordinator Skyler Samuelson told The College Fix. “The concept of the interactive installation is the creation of a space for dialogue surrounding the topic.”

The group creating the exhibit exists to “help students write op-ed, prepare for presentations and create catchy fliers. Someone forgot to tell the project coordinator Skyler Samuelson that writing op-eds involves looking at both sides of the issue, forming your own opinion, putting that opinion on paper and presenting it to the public, which can be brutal in its opinion of your editorials. Writing an op-ed can often lead to retaliation should you direct attention to some wrongdoing. This type of activity is contradictory to those who need trigger warnings regarding some material that might be disturbing or bring back past events.

Student Toni Airaksinen stated she had observed students a Barnard College, as well as students from Columbia University across the streets, request trigger warnings for many topics, which include “crimes, sex references, drugs, dogs, politics, mental illness and violence.” She told the Fix that students who believe trigger warnings to be ridiculous never speak out for fear of the potential consequences.

Seriously? Students request trigger warnings for dogs, politics, drugs, etc.? Unbelieveable! In typical liberal progressive fashion, what was requested to “help” prevent students from “disturbing” content has morphed into the mantra, “no student should be made to be uncomfortable or disturbed by whatever makes them uncomfortable.” Its seems the group initiating this “interactive installation” of a “space for dialogue surrounding the topic” has produced the opposite by limiting the free exchange of ideas because of fear of potential consequences. But, limiting free exchange of ideas is always the goal of liberal progressives when the idea is in opposition to theirs.

Of course, it doesn’t help when the US ambassador to the United Nations makes a visit to cement their fantasy.

Last spring, Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told the graduating class at Barnard College that women continue to suffer from grave inequality in the United States, and that Afghanistan is a superior nation in terms of women’s rights because women hold a higher percentage of parliament seats there.

Go ahead and take a moment to laugh and shake your head or blow off some steam. Afghanistan — a Muslim nation where old pedophilic men who view women as less worthy than a donkey use young boys for sexual gratification. Just because women hold “a higher percentage of parliament seats there” doesn’t mean the nation is “superior in terms of women’s rights.” However, I bet these coddled liberal progressive over-sensitive dolts bought every word since they spewed from a propagandist like Samantha Power.

These “twinkies” are probably unaware that Afghanistan will always suffer violence against women because it is an Islamic nation with an Islamic government. Despite women campaigning and attaining parliament seats, the nation still sees violence against women by family members in the form or honor killings, selling daughters as child brides to end feuds or debts and forced marriage, beatings, rape, and other forms of assault. Islam is Islam. The followers of Mohammed, may pig’s blood be flung upon him and a ham stuck in his mouth, adhere to his teachings before the rule of law of any nation or government.

Perhaps after graduating Barnard, these female students would like to immigrate to Afghanistan in order to partake of the superior nation’s women’s rights. Yeah, right — like that is ever going to happen.

The attitude of college age individuals of today was best illustrated in a comment by a poster known as MolonLabe1836.

1944: 18-20 year-olds storm the beaches of Normandy, and pacific islands, under the threat to maiming, wounding and death,

2016: 18-20 year-olds need safe spaces because words hurt.

Yes, we have advanced, haven’t we?

Some men, younger than 18 years old, lied about their age to join the military in World War II. Some of the youth of today would not consider doing such because of their sense of entitlement and “delicate sensitive” nature that cannot be exposed to written accounts of disturbing content such as murder, rape, etc. But, I’d bet ten dollars to a dime these “ding dongs” go to the movies, play video games, and engage in “explicit” talk involving these same incidents.

These women may get a chance yet to “prove their muster” should Congress initiate a draft for women since women may now assume combat roles, which I disagree with wholeheartedly. While these “ding dong twinkies” raise the roof on the need for “trigger warnings” to protect their delicate sensitivities, the military and government should be ready for these liberal progressive dolts to be complaining about every drill sergeant in every branch for violating their sensitivities. Better yet, the military could issue each drill sergeant with a hat embroidered with “Warning: Insensitive Material Used” to alert these “women” to language, etc. Yeah, that’ll be the day. The military would be better off tattooing the foreheads of the women with “Ding Dong Twinkie Alert” and assigning a “sensitive” female drill sergeant to the entire group to “coddle” their “wittle feewings.” It could be called the “Sensitive Squadron.”

Good luck, “ladies.” You will certainly need it.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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