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US Prisons Nothing More Than Criminal Universities and Crime Corporations

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The United States leads the world in the number of people incarcerated in state and Federal prison. With a current inmate population around the size of the entire Houston geographical area, we now basically have a criminal community existing within regular society. 

Within the confines of these prisons, most gang members, drug dealers, and other crime bosses continue to run their crime businesses from prison. With visitations from key people related to their illicit business coming and going all the time, most incarcerated bosses find it as easy to run their professions from the inside the same as when they were free. Thus, what we really have is a broken prison system which has become nothing more than a business center for continuing crime on the streets as well as actual universities for teaching crime to other inmates who are either forced into it by the color of their skin or learn it by virtue of simply being there.

A fine example of a broken prison system is California’s Pelican Bay State Prison, located a few miles north of Crescent City on Lake Earl Dr. This facility is notorious for housing the very worst criminals in the entire state. As usual with any Federal and state prison, the inmate population at PB exceeds the capacity.

Since Crescent City is so far away from where most of PB’s inmates originate, the city has had little population growth associated with the prison. However, the city has had an increase in crime rates. Most PB visitors who are associated with the various criminal businesses run by the inmates via outside visits come and go without incident, only concerned with the criminal business transactions and advice they originally came there for in the first place.

In every respect, it doesn’t make sense to imprison these inmates if they are going to continue to run their illegal businesses from the inside. The only real remedy to prevent them from still being able to keep their criminal endeavors going is to prevent them from having any visitors at all and to cut off their mail correspondence, as well. It is a full time job for many guards to simply sift through thousands of letters and cards on a daily basis, looking for code and drugs as well. With a total separation between inmates and all outside individuals during the entire duration of their sentence, the incarcerated criminals would be just that, not simply criminal business executives running their operations from inside their respective prisons.

Another possible remedy to the problem of inmates keeping their crime businesses running by visitations would be an exchange program, not necessarily between states, but perhaps between agreeing countries. This would definitely put a crimp in a prisoner’s ability to communicate business transactions for their outside criminal endeavors.

The bottom line is, as long as inmates have the ability to transact business from inside their prisons, we are simply paying for these crime bosses to have a place to stay, free medical, and food for X amount of time while continuing their business as usual.

In today’s prison system, the idea of rehabilitation is out the proverbial window and has been for decades. Now, when someone is sent to prison, it is to do time and to continue to do business as usual.

Today’s politically correct idealism in the US simply doesn’t exist behind prison walls. Here, rampant racism exists at all times and is taught to most inmates who want to survive their sentence. Some institutions purposely separate races.

Today’s Criminal Justice system is entirely broken, from the arrest and conviction of drug users (who should be sent to drug rehabilitation rather than prison) to imprisoning criminals only to allow them to do business as usual from the confines of their particular prison.

Being sentenced to death is a joke in most states, such as California, for example, where death row inmates are simply placed in private cells and wait for their sentence to be carried out until they die a natural death from the duration of time spent.

The current prison system in the US has to change with the times. For far too long, we have been allowing prisoners visitations and communication with the outside and have been putting people in prison who do not belong there. The system also is a breeding ground for creating more criminals, rather than rehabilitating those they have. For all intents and purposes, prisons in the US are nothing more than criminal universities and US Crime Corporations.
*Article by Tony Elliot

The Washington Standard

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