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How America Will Beat Washington DC

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In 1776, the British government just didn’t get it. The British military was the most powerful on earth. No one believed that American farmers, merchants and militiamen could defeat that power…until we did.

The Trump phenomenon is the same thing…and it is NOT about Donald Trump.

First, let me say that if you are not a Christian, please stop reading; this will only anger and frustrate you.

If you are a Christian, this article will give you more remedial education than you’ve ever received in any book or article. I suggest you read it, meditate on it, and decide for action rather than more childish, aimless anger.

Presidents Are Not Saviors

This election is not about Trump, as it is not about the holier candidates Cruz or Carson. The LORD can use anyone He likes to judge us or to bless us. Washington DC doesn’t get it, just as the British Redcoats didn’t get it. That contest was not about military might, but about good vs. evil.

In the same way, this death-struggle for our civilization is NOT about any president.

Think about it…pseudo-Christian presidents like Abe Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson preached eloquent sermons while leading us straight to Hell. (If you had a propagandist education and never knew that Lincoln was our original hijacker, read THIS.)

So. This November, vote for Trump; not because he can save our republic. Voting for Trump is only part of a larger tactical whole, as you will see.

We Have Met the Enemy, and He is Us

Think about the Trump phenomenon. As I explained in THIS article, where have America’s pastors and Christian authors been while our civilization was dragged into the slaughterhouse and the sewer? They’ve been talking, talking, talking and living an easy life in their study. In this culture war, they have actually DONE nothing at all.

Neither have we! So don’t blame the liberals, BLAME YOURSELF, fellow Christian.

We are in this mess because we have not recognized our enemy and even when we did, we haven’t lifted a finger to stop it. YOUR repentance is the key in these vital next months, fellow Christian. No president can change Washington DC, but a repentant remnant can turn American history, before the next election and long after it.

Not Just Politics; ALL of life is Local

Think about it. You’re an American, but really you’re a resident of your state, and especially of your community. You don’t live, work, love, and die in ‘America’ but in your TOWN.

This war can only be won on the community level. This is critical to understand. YOU can turn the history of your community for Christ and the Constitution. In my free PDF book, FEAR The People, I explain exactly how we plan to do this.

Okay, so read carefully now and let this sink in. Please THINK, fellow Christian…

The Giant Awakes…In a Crabby Mood

This Trump mania is actually a giant waking up, and he’s very angry. But anger will not defeat Washington DC organized crime.

America’s hijacker is controlled by a profoundly shrewd group of very wealthy families, law firms, banks, military contractors, oil companies and others who buy, sell and trade presidents, federal judges and members of Congress like so many baseball cards.

We The People can only win this by displaying the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

Now let me explain how we will do this for all the world to see.

The Real America Rises Up

It’s a fact that America is mostly conservative; in rural areas, the vast majority are conservative and even in urban zones there is a significant minority of conservatives. According to the last census, over 220 million Americans claim to be Christian. That’s a massive Christian force on the earth…but we are divided and have had no strategy or tactical plan, until now.

Here’s the strategic part: almost 40% of America — 125 million of us — live in a town of less than 10,000 residents. There are more than 31,000 such communities in America, so about 94% of American communities are conservative. That is significant, as I will explain.

The giant has reason to wake up in a crabby mood; electoral politics has not worked, and neither have our courts. Stuck on stupid, we have fought among ourselves.

Party does not matter because both parties are the same; the party machines work for the same billionaires and industries. Face it, tens of millions of conservative Christians are registered Democrats, so we are fighting them!

Meanwhile, the haters of God have beaten us by being tactically shrewd. Sexual perverts are perhaps 1% of the population, but they figured out how to hijack our plane and keep everyone fighting election battles while they win over just a few critical judges…and our civilization.

As I explained in THIS article, We The People, in Article III, Section 2, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution, granted Congress the power to keep the U.S. supreme Court completely out of abortion, marriage, sexual practices, healthcare, education, sharia law…anything we don’t want judges deciding for all of us. It’s right there in the highest law…and now we intend to use it!

See, Mr. Waking Giant? Don’t be so angry…and stop fighting yourself. Don’t be fooled by the D.C. machine; it will fight to the death to keep us in chains. It’s time to not just wake up, but GROW UP.

Okay; I said it was significant that 94% of American communities are conservative. For generations, American culture and policy have been decided by the big cities, especially Washington D.C. and Hollywood.

In the 31,000 small communities, We The People are angry that 57 million pre-born Americans have been killed. We’re angry that sexual perversion is forced on us as the new normal by a few judges. We’re angry that Washington DC is totally corrupt, shipping our jobs overseas and allowing millions of illegal aliens in to serve the Democrat party and big business. We’re angry that since World War II, the big city has perverted our culture and held the political levers that determine regulations, law, and economy.

We’re angry, all right. But we had lost hope because nothing worked: the TEA Party, the Ron Paul Revolution, Secession, Nullification, a constitutional convention. Now, millions are grasping at Donald Trump to save us, as if a New York real estate billionaire can vanquish Washington D.C. organized crime! That’s nonsense.

This hijacking can only end when a tactically wise remnant of We The People force a President Trump to follow our lead a year from now, after we have built a fearsome national army.

While You Were Sleeping

AmericaAgain! was founded by two engineers, a Fortune 500 tech manager, and a former U.S. Secret Service agent.

We began the tactical and strategic planning when B. Hussein Obama looked likely to win the 2008 election. Yes, it takes that long to develop a full-spectrum plan of action to restore our country. While you were complaining and posting cynical jabs on Facebook all these years, the team at AmericaAgain! has been praying, studying and designing, and re-designing and refining, working sleepless nights, and selling all we own for the cause of repentance and American restoration.

There is work to be done. Now I challenge you to grow up. Stop the arguing and flaming. Repent before our LORD, and act like a responsible American.

AmericaAgain! was developed and refined by 24 volunteers who spent over 25,000 hours in R&D, developing the only full-spectrum solution to this hijacking. Our first major AmericaAgain! offensive is beginning in March 2016, nationwide.

That is almost a year before Trump or Hillary take office. It doesn’t matter who’s president; the giant is awake. The giant will act one way or another.

Let’s Roll

AmericaAgain! is launching local Meetups to roll out our 3-prong campaign for 2016-17, as described in this video.

Even before the formal announcement, members have announced their intention to hold meetups in Fair Oaks CA, Cahokia IL, LaPlace LA, Lancaster OH, York PA, Gallatin and Livingston TN, Amarillo, Boerne and Bonham TX, and Wausau WI.

AmericaAgain! will provide everything you need to start and run a local meetup.

The first of our 22 major reform laws is the Bring Congress Home Act. We The People will TAKE CONGRESS OUT OF WASHINGTON DC FOREVER. To see what that will be like, read THIS.

Taking Congress out of D.C. requires two steps; the first one is a gift from the LORD. The original First Amendment of our Bill of Rights is still awaiting ratification by 27 more state legislatures.

The first Congress in 1789 already passed it and sent it to the states. As explained HERE, we don’t need a constitutional convention, just a ratification vote in 27 more states. That can happen in any state legislature in ONE DAY, if we force our servants to get the job done.

You see? Trump will not make America great again. Only the LORD will do that! He promised Abraham in Genesis 18:32 that if there were just 10 righteous in Sodom, He would spare that city; so we’re looking for 10 AmericaAgain! Meetup members in every community in America, beginning with our small towns.

Once we have enough Meetup groups in a state, we begin our offensive in that state capitol. We hope to work in close alliance with Oath Keepers and CSPOA.

To learn details of this full-spectrum solution — a new way of life for self-governing Americans — watch our videos, listen to our podcasts, and read our blog on the AmericaAgain! website.

Only God can Make America Great Again

This is 1776 again; but instead of force of arms, We The People will enforce the magnificent Constitution that the Founding Fathers left us.

The whole world groans today. The Internet allowed people to realize how corrupt their governments, churches, and other institutions have become.

Never has the need been greater for Christians to set an example. We must repent our hatred and in the love of Christ, do the duty that our parents and their parents refused to do.

This amazing election year will not be about Trump, you see. It will be about Americans repenting.

Seek the face of the LORD, dear Giant! When you are fully awake, we will teach you to use tactical wisdom against DC organized crime, beginning by taking its puppets home with us. (There is much more; read the book and see the videos. But it will all take time; patience and self-control are Christian virtues.)

Join us in the duty of citizenship; by the time Trump takes office next year, We The People will be an unstoppable force.

By God’s grace, America defeated the world’s superpower in 1776 and by His grace we can do it again.

Don’t just nod your head, fellow Christian. This is our opportunity; the best one we’ve had in generations. YOU are the solution for YOUR own community. If you don’t feel like a leader, we’ll show you how to launch a local meetup, spread the word, and then let someone else take over, who has more skills or desire to lead. For the present, for your community, YOU are it.

YOU can spread this to every contact you have. It doesn’t take much effort…yet this is how we make history, this year. Amazing, but true. Our team has done all the work..now it’s all about making this go VIRAL.

Of course, you may read this and decide not to join us. You may decide, “I’ll let someone else take responsibility in my community; surely somebody will.” So you’ll go along for the ride, and just keep complaining on Facebook. THAT IS EXACTLY HOW WE GOT HERE; WE AND OUR PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS DID THAT.

You know the end result of such an attitude, my lazy, apathetic friend? The LORD will not find ten righteous in your town, and He will very righteously send further judgment, instead of mercy.

Just keep sitting there as you have been…complaining and bemoaning our plight, instead of working on your part of the fallen wall. But if AmericaAgain! does not go to scale in time, and/or if Hillary wins, you’ll know who to blame for the future we will all face.

JOIN US…or you have already joined THEM.

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