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How Big Brother’s Policing Alternatives Spell Data Tracking For Us All (Video)

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New Flock Camera systems are being put into place and funded unconstitutionally with tax dollars. This is a serious push towards the Orwellian 1984 police state in the name of safety. The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor exposes what is going on and though it’s touted as safety, it’s a tremendous infringement upon liberty and results in more and more data tracking by fascists partners in government and the corporate world.

Articles, links and videos mentioned in this episode, along with additional resources provided by Lynne.

Teens Stand Up: “I Will Not Wear The Mask… I Will Not Take The Vaccine… I Will Resist Evil… I Will Submit To God… I Will Defy Tyrants!” (Video)

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The article from ACLU:
1) Public Private Partnership
2) Venture Capitalism funded
3) Flock isn’t the only one tracing your license plate
4) This isn’t ‘just’ license plate data surveillance
5) Private groups, neighborhoods can buy in
6) Centralizes data
7) The top paragraphs on Page 4
8) It’s the middle of Page 4 where we can begin to see this connect to schools via the Big Tech companies. Think all those school assigned computer/devices or the online subscriptions from them homeschools use. Not to mention the higher education system’s selling out to these for ‘technology training’
9) The ramifications of ‘beyond’ a license plate’ begins on Page 6
10) The suggestions actions are also a bit jarring

So, the big question: IS FLOCK USED IN SCHOOLS NOW? Yes!

Flock Safety’s website:

Headquarters are Atlanta, GA (A Resilience City, Global City, etc.)

Ironic that the proof of fascism is found on the ‘ethics’ page:

No surprise, Flock Safety fully supports ‘machine learning’ or otherwise called

Online learning (aka: data tracking)

The founder of Flock Safety:

His LinkedIn:

The US Dept of Justice grant award to Flock Safety:

Reducing national crime is the supposed ‘good guy’ approach of Flock Safety, but then consider this article by the John Jay College on the ALTERNATIVES to police forces across America!

(See ‘Engaging Youth)

Then, this article from the NY Times:

(*Note the ‘in our faces’ behavior management schools are using via SEL!)

The U.S. Dept of Education’s “Student Privacy” homepage:

Their 4 minute justification of FERPA (they don’t include how the Obama Administration truly gutted the family privacy whatsoever):
(*Note some of the comments)

Below is the July 2021 ‘update’ for FERPA guidelines. In it, it clearly stated that law enforcement involvement was an exception to the family privacy.

A Parent Guide to Ferpa_508 by Tim Brown on Scribd

‘Miles’ is a free app on several media platforms designed to incentivize ‘green transportation’. If you walk, bike, ride share, use your car, take a bus; as long as you have this app, your literal every mile is tracked by data. This is available to any age person, in school, outside, etc.

I haven’t researched the company yet, but just the first few layers spells willful cooperation to give up privacy for free or discounted stuff. If you look at the rewarding businesses, many are CCSS Machine members or UN Partners.


Miles could also easily tie to Flock, as well.

Also related:
The US Dept of Housing & Urban Development joined the CCSS Machine group, Grade Level Reading in a joint effort to use families in public housing as targets for literacy improvement. This began in 2015-2016 but has renewed efforts, recently.

HUD GLR Partnership Press Release 042916 by Tim Brown on Scribd

My archives for GLR:


The 1st attachment from Sept 2020 on the ‘protection and promotion of civic space; We’ll need the cover, pages: 2 (image), 3, 8, and 11.

UN Guidance Note by Tim Brown on Scribd

The 2nd attachment is from 2010 and defines (UN’s version) of ‘transitional justice’. So, in other words, our civics courses, classes and education will include all of the above, not necessarily how the US Gov’t works.

TJ Guidance Note March 2010FINAL by Tim Brown on Scribd

The US Dept of State’s link to the “Transitional Justice POLICY papers”

This link ties transitional justice right back to the BLM:

So, the ‘bottom line’ questions: How will the SEL, as an alternative to police enforcement embed all this? At what human cost? At what financial cost to We the People?

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Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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