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Hungarian PM Viktor Orban to Illegal Muslim Invaders: Get Out of Hungary and Don’t Come Back

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been very vocal about his displeasure with the Muslims who are invading his country and Europe. Now, it appears that he has given the illegal invaders an ultimatum, Get out of Hungary and don’t come back… If you cannot leave, we will assist you.

“Hungary will do everything in its power to enable every migrant to return from Europe to his own country,” he said. “And Hungary will do everything possible to make sure that no one may enter and stay illegally on Hungarian territory, in violation of Hungarian laws.”

“We want to be masters of the situation, and we want to be masters of our own destiny,” Orban added. “We do not accept the diktat of Brussels, who want to tell me whom we have to live with, in our own country!”


“This is unacceptable,” he continued. “This must be our decision!”

Orban is seeking a peaceful resolution to the impact that Muslims are having in his country by failing to assimilate. One thing that should be done, in addition to removing many of the followers of Muhammad, is to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The superior message of the Bible easily dominates that of the Koran and offers hope and forgiveness for a God who loves sinners so much that He demonstrated that love in sending His only Son to die in their place for their violations of His law.

PM Orban added, “On the issue of migrants, when someone makes a mistake, it cannot be corrected. In the countries where migrants arrive in mass, life will change. Maybe not in one day, but in a couple of years it will change.”

“Our grandchildren will ask us: Why did we let our countries change?” he said. “Why did we allow Europe to change?”

Unlike the Muslims, whose ultimatum is convert, pay the jizya or die, Orban is merely making it clear that Islamists are not welcome in mass in Hungary, and is giving them a peaceful means to return to their homeland.

While Orban has been viciously opposed to these Muslim invaders, Hungary has been a port of entry for many of them into Europe.

Orban has been one of many who have stood up and called out what is taking place in Europe as a Muslim invasion. He has said that he is “preparing for a conflict” because of the migrant situation, and has even said that Christians from Muslim lands should be helped first while sinking the boats of the Muslims attempting to enter.

Earlier this year, Hungarians overwhelmingly voted against the European Union’s forced Muslim quotas for their country.

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