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Like Lenin, Pelosi Will Never Step Down

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And why should she?

Pelosi is utterly incompetent at everything except fundraising from big donors. But that fundraising worked. The Dems vastly outspent Republicans and bought the House. That means those donors bought Pelosi her Speakership.

That’s really why she’s back.

Lefty billionaires weren’t spending a fortune so that Marcia Fudge or any of the other clown acts could be Speaker. That day may come, but their investment is in Pelosi. And it’s not just an ideological investment. It’s a business relationship.

Speaker Pelosi can bring in rivers of cash to buy elections. An in return, “stuff” gets done.

Like Lenin, she’s not going anywhere. After she dies, she’ll be buried in a giant golden mausoleum on the Mall where crowds of Chinese tourists will gather to view her already embalmed face and the bags of money on which her body will rest.

A trio of her fiercest Democratic critics — lawmakers trying to bar her from reclaiming the speaker’s gavel — were trying to pin her down on exactly when she planned to relinquish power.

But Pelosi, huddled in her office in the second floor of the Capitol Wednesday afternoon, wouldn’t answer them. Instead, the California Democrat launched into a lengthy monologue about how successful she’d been throughout her career and how 2020 is a presidential year, so voters wouldn’t care who the speaker was next election.

“They went in hoping to begin some type of conversation about a transition to leadership and it never even left the ground,” said one source familiar with the conversation.

Moulton, Rice and Ryan opened up the discussion with the California Democrat hoping to find out what exactly Pelosi meant when she said in October that she’d serve as a “transitional” leader — particularly after Pelosi later said all leaders are transitional in some way. But Pelosi refused to even acknowledge the idea since she’d make herself a lame duck speaker, crippling herself just as she’s going up against Democrats’ biggest foe: President Donald Trump.

So Nancy isn’t going anywhere. There’s no reason for her to do so. Her opponents are careerists in a party already bought and paid for by Pelosi donors. If Pelosi were to step down, it would undermine the confidence of lefty donors in the honest politician they bought.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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