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Mark Levin Blasts Those Who Question Ted Cruz’s Eligibility as “Birthers” who are “Stuck on Stupid”

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As one who has experienced fiery backlash when “calling out the golden boys,” the issue of eligibility still clouds both Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) campaigns for the GOP presidential candidate nomination. It’s never easy to point out short-comings with popular candidates since their die-hard supporters label the questioning of eligibility as “hit pieces.” When touching on their policies, again, the die-hard supporters refuse to question “their man” on the same hypocrisies exhibited by one Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah.

When Hussein Soetoro began his first campaign in 2008 for president, plenty of individuals questioned his eligibility. The question of his eligibility remains since he stands accused of usurpation, fraud with using multiple Social Security numbers, and exhibiting symptoms indicative of multiple mental illnesses. Back in the first run, those questioning Hussein Soetoro’s eligibility were termed “birthers.” It was effective in getting the opposition to slink back into silence as other labels were applied as well.

Once again, the term “birther” has surfaced. This time, syndicated talk show host Mark Levin resurrected the term against GOP presidential nomination hopeful Donald Trump on Twitter for Trump’s dogged pursuit of the ineligibility of fellow GOP candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Levin suggests that Donald Trump is feeling the pinch in his unpopularity among the GOP. Trump’s attacks or pursuit to answer the eligibility question in regards to Cruz are an act of desperation, according to Levin.

But, Levin didn’t stop at screaming “birther” at Trump. He targeted Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) for bringing into question Cruz’s eligibility. Levin called Sen. Rand Paul “stuck on stupid” while chastising Republican National Committee Chairman Rience Preibus for “failing to side with Cruz.” Levin believes the question of Cruz’s eligibility will fizzle out.

Many articles have appeared at Freedom Outpost questioning the eligibility of Sen. Ted Cruz under the “natural born citizen” requirement. Do a search on this site using “Ted Cruz natural born citizen” to see the list. While Cruz supporters and Levin throw out the “birther” “stuck on stupid” label to those questioning the eligibility of Cruz, all one can say is “right back at you.”

However, there is no arguing with stubborn, hard headed individuals who refuse to even consider the argument that Cruz is ineligible. These individuals resort to labeling in hopes of quelling the discussion because “Cruz 2016!” The horse this issue rode in on is dead, rotted, and smelly. Conservatives who question Cruz’s eligibility, and who believe he is ineligible, based on the founders’ definition of “natural born citizen” are wasting their breath trying to convince individuals otherwise.

Still, one has to question Mark Levin’s willingness to stoop to use these tactics to deflect away from the eligibility of Cruz to contend for the office of the president. There is plenty of reason to question Levin’s motives with his support of an Article V Convention, aka Con-Con, Constitutional Convention, Convention of the States. Most are acquainted with his book, “Liberty and Tyranny,” as well. While Levin is on point with holding government to the Constitution, he strays with a Con-Con and endorsing an ineligible candidate for president.

What remains puzzling is why individuals rely on superstar talk show hosts, radio personalities, TV “talking heads” and “silicone Barbies,” and Hollyweird airheads, along with “constitutional lawyers,” to make their determinations for them. Just as doctors and nurses are not always right, the types of individuals cited aren’t either. Another piece of the puzzle is the outright refusal of individuals to even consider the authority the founding fathers used — Vattel’s Laws of Nations. Likewise, the Naturalization Act of 1790 is ignored, along with other references proving the point.

What does Levin hope to accomplish by “labeling” conservatives as “birthers” and declaring some as “stuck on stupid?” All anyone is asking of any candidate is to meet the eligibility requirement of “natural born citizen” — an issue both Cruz and Rubio refuse to address. Does not anyone question why they refuse to address an important requirement to be president? Could it be they both know they cannot establish beyond a shadow of a doubt their eligibility?

If Cruz is 100 percent certain he is a natural born citizen as understood by the founders, why convolute the Constitution? It is the same with Rubio. What is wrong with holding candidates to the constitutional requirements for president regardless of popularity or oratory?

Levin should be asking these questions as well; but, he isn’t. Instead, he uses his “superstar” status to engage in leftist tactics. That is pretty telling in and of itself.

Questioning someone’s qualifications is not disrespectful, hateful, “stuck on stupid,” or being a “birther.” It is being diligent in making sure the Constitution is followed — something these candidates and pundits claim but are not showing. It is also practicing one’s principles, refusing to engage in hypocrisy. Too bad the same can’t be said for “superstar talk show hosts” and candidates.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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