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Maryland Attorney General Takes Legal Action Against Insys Therapeutics, Maker Of Subsys (Fentanyl)

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Recently, the Attorney General’s office in Maryland brought legal charges against the pharmaceutical company, Insys, maker of the killer opioid Subsys (Fentanyl), for endangering the lives of consumers in off-label marketing their billion-dollar drug.  These charges lend themselves to ask — why did the maker of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma unleash an epidemic of death and addiction throughout the country for almost two decades with virtually no concern or charges by any Attorney General as the body bag count mounted and we continue to lose a generation of our children?  Why did no federal agency consider charging Purdue Pharma under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) in 2007 when they were charged in Federal Court in Virginia with criminally marketing OxyContin — pleaded guilty — and are convicted felons?

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“RICO” is often thought of as a law designed to combat the Mafia. While that is how the law was first primarily used and intended, it has been applied in cases involving organizations that few people would mistake for the Mafia, including Major League Baseball, the Key West Police Department and the Catholic Church. RICO creates criminal and civil penalties for members of organizations that engage in patterns of criminal activity.  Why wasn’t Purdue Pharma charged under RICO?

Here is the link to the charges filed against Insys Therapeutics by the Maryland Attorney General’s office: http://www.marylandattorneygeneral.gov/News%20Documents/insysSOC.pdf

My article, written for Global News Centre giving credit to attorney Richard J. Hollawell of NJ and PA for exposing Insys Therapeutics with criminally marketing their killer opioid Subsys (Fentanyl) off-label that resulted in thousands of deaths and the arrest of the President of Insys, is shown below.

Insys Therapeutics and Purdue Pharma “war criminals” responsible for opioid deaths and addictions!

Purdue Pharma CEO's Howard Udell, Chief Counsel, Paul Goldenheim, MD and Michael Friedman

President Trump calls for extermination of drug dealers responsible for causing deaths.  Should he include the pharmaceutical executives who knowingly marketed their dangerous opioids criminally which resulted in tens of thousands of deaths?
Last night, NBC Nightly News televised a segment on Insys Therapeutics and their criminal marketing of Subsys (Fentanyl) which has resulted in a landmark outcome — the arrest of CEOs of the disgraced pharmaceutical company.  
Is it an injustice that in 2007, Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin was charged in federal court and pleaded guilty to criminally marketing their dangerous and highly addictive opioid yet there were no arrests?  Their three CEO’s pictured within this article Michael Friedman, President, Howard Udell, Chief Counsel and Paul Goldenheim, MD received fines but continued making profits for Purdue Pharma bringing them from approximately $2 billion to currently $34 billion as the prescription opioid epidemic raged out of control.
John Kapoor, President of Insys
John Kapoor, President of Insys
Why was there no outrage over the tens of thousands of deaths as the floodgates were left open by Purdue Pharma for Insys?  How was John Kapoor, President of Insys allowed to perpetuate exactly what Purdue Pharma did with absolutely no oversight as they criminally marketed Subsys (Fentanyl) identically to OxyContin’s promotion by Purdue Pharma?  Where was the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Justice (DOJ) and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) while history was repeating itself with the criminal marketing of a dangerous opioid devastating every state in the country?
One attorney in New Jersey by the name of Richard (Rick) Hollawell had the guts to take on Insys multi-billionaire John Kapoor and was successful in not only having Kapoor arrested, but also other CEOs of Insys.  I wrote about this brave attorney (link below) who brought some justice to a family who lost their daughter to a lethal prescription of Subsys for back pain.  Her name was Sarah Fuller and because of Kapoor’s focus on profit rather than human life, she died at 32 years old.
U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri conducted an investigation into Insys and released a report and audio implicating the company in the deceitful marketing of a very dangerous opioid.  Employees claiming to be from doctor’s offices used a toll-free phone number — later traced to Insys — to call insurance providers and give false information about patients to increase profits in prescribing Subsys to unsuspecting patients — who did not have cancer such as Sarah Fuller. Rick Hollawell and Sarah’s mother traveled to Missouri to testify in front of Senator McCaskill about the criminal activity of Insys resulting in the arrest of executives of Insys.
President Trump cites Singapore’s tough policy and low ratio of drug addiction and death as a prototype for combating the U.S. raging epidemic.  In Singapore, tough laws and punishments deter the supply and availability of drugs to its citizens.  Financial profiting by criminals in the flow of drugs is met with penalties including capital punishment.  Message sent to drug traffickers is strong and meaningful.  Human life takes precedence over financial profiting — and yes capital punishment is the taking of human life, but criminals need to fear for their lives.
In the U.S., we have “harm reduction advocates” not “harm elimination advocates” who hold rallies in our nation’s capital promoting an “opioid march” pandering to both pain patients and families who have suffered the loss of loved ones to addiction and death.  These same harm reduction advocates and their “experts” condone establishing “safe injection sites” throughout the country in the dumbing down of America.  (Link to my article on the “Dumbing Down of America” shown below).  Is there outrage that we are losing a generation of our kids with no push for much-needed education, prevention, treatment and recovery — not by Internet online course takers, but by medical and psychological therapists?  Recovery is critical and not by “Jim Jones” facilities bilking government agencies and insurance companies while the lifestyles of the proprietors of the facilities flourish.  Why does the focus on Suboxone and Naloxone increase, along with earned pharma revenue, with no decrease in addiction and deaths?
Currently, the most prestigious law firms in the country, as well as Attorneys General, are lining up to sue the pharmaceutical companies responsible for the prescription opioid epidemic.  Will these same high profile attorneys have the guts that one attorney named Rick Hollawell of N.J. had and send a strong message to criminal pharma CEO’s — “I’ll see you in court and my goal is to have you arrested, incarcerated and your pharmaceutical business destroyed as you have destroyed human life?”
It’s time to call out the calvary — the Department of Justice — and demand they prosecute criminal pharmaceutical companies responsible for the prescription opioid epidemic.  The profiteers have made enough money off the destruction of American families.

“Dumbing Down of America” article: www.globalnewscentre.com/the-dumbing-down-of-america-in-the-prescription-opioid-epidemic/#sthash.ZA9XahYl.dpbs

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Rick Hollawell article: www.globalnewscentre.com/attorneys-are-becoming-the-heroes-in-the-prescription-opioid-epidemic-ravaging-the-us/#sthash.ww50EiD3.dpbs

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Marianne Skolek Perez.

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