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The Dialectical Theater of The Kavanaugh Confirmation

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This past week America witnessed the true nature of the Democrat party. In opposition to the confirmation of Trump’s SCOTUS pick, the radical left, once again, threw a little hissy fit. In usual fashion, protestors who were willing to throw it all on the line to bring it all down were bussed into Washington D.C. and ushered into the Capital building where the hearings were taking place. Leftists from all over the country did everything they could to disrupt the hearings because they believe Brett Kavanaugh is a threat to a woman’s “right to choose.” They’re afraid that he will work to overturn Roe V. Wade. Ironically, conservatives believe the same thing because he is allegedly a staunch pro-life judge and a strict constitutionalist. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to both sides of the aisle, they are being played and the whole emotional display put on by the Democrats was nothing but a staged sideshow designed to give the illusion of conflict. 

It turns out the Democrats had used the Labor Day weekend to plan the protests. This is no big surprise, the Democrats are willing to do anything to achieve their objective. Most Americans naively believe their objective is to stop this confirmation.

Truthfully, however, the staging of this protest was done to hide the fact that Brett Kavanaugh is just another big government shill who will uphold the status quo. The protests were part of a dialectical process that gives the illusion that conservatives are getting what they want when in reality, it is the left that is winning.

According to ABC News, Kavanaugh, in a private meeting with Senator Susan Collins, a liberal posing as a Republican, told her that he believes Roe V. Wade is established law and that all cases pertaining to such should follow the precedent already set by the Supreme Court. Let this sink in for a moment. Before the hearings began Kavanaugh told Collins he has no intention of going against Roe V. Wade, yet he sat there and played his part perfectly while the left attempted to portray him as an anti-abortionist during the hearings.

You see?

This is all a show to cover up the fact that Kavanaugh is just another in a long line of statist judges who will uphold precedent instead of solid constitutional law.

To further stress the point, in Kavanaugh’s 2006 confirmation to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, Kavanaugh confirmed to Chuck Schumer, yes the same Chuck Schumer who now pretends to vehemently oppose him, that he would follow Roe V. Wade faithfully because it was established law.

What could prove to be even more disturbing is that Kavanaugh, again in private meetings with Senators, stated that he views the appointment of Special Council Robert Mueller as appropriate! This shows that the man is willing to say whatever it takes to ensure his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Furthermore, Kavanaugh also played a role in helping Justice Roberts find the Obamacare mandate to be constitutional. He argued this position under the 1867 Anti-injunction Act which posited that a tax couldn’t be challenged in court until it has been paid. That is an interesting perspective to add to his consideration for the Supreme Court seeing as though he is being portrayed by the right as a constitutionalist.

America is at a real tipping point. Democrats believe that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election from Clinton. Conservatives believe that Trump is working diligently to drain the swamp. Somewhere in the middle is the truth that all of it is just a staged sideshow designed to keep the masses from discovering that the agenda they voted against is still driving on.

There is the legitimate question as to whether or not Trump knew what he was getting with Kavanaugh. Some who realize who Kavanaugh is are of the belief that Trump was tricked by bad advisors working for the so-called swamp.

That could be.

However, it should be noted that Trump himself was never known for being a staunch constitutionalist until he decided to run as a Republican. Even as President, he has supported and encouraged the idea of Red Flag gun laws, he worked with Pelosi and Schumer on a budget deal that put us further in debt and funded Planned Parenthood. He then stood in front of God and Country and promised to never do it again.

He is also against his campaign promises, threatening to get us more deeply involved in the Syrian war, which if you remember, Syria was part of the Project New American Century war doctrine that was launched immediately after the September 11 attacks. So, despite the belief that Trump is a conservative by those on the right, many aspects of the statist agenda that they voted against are still advancing.

Americans need to stop following the carrots being dangled in their faces and take it upon themselves to do serious inquiries into what is going on. Too many Trump supporters are no different than Obama supporters. They believe everything he says and get caught up in the mellow dramatics of a conflict that is deliberately staged as left vs. right to keep them distracted and ideologically rooted in a controlled paradigm.

It is okay to Support Trump if you are a conservative.  However, it is also okay to question him as well.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

The Washington Standard

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