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Mass Grave with 52 Bodies Found in Mexico On Border With Arizona

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This is what we are inviting across our southern border America.

52 bodies have been found in a mass grave in Rocky Point, Mexico which is across the Arizona border.

It’s also not some desolate hole-in-the-ground.

Rocky Point (Puerto Pinasco) is a tourist destination with numerous resorts.

Here’s more from KGUN-9, Tucson:

ROCKY POINT, Mex. — More bodies were found in a mass grave, in Rocky Point, Mexico–bringing the total to at least 52.

Ceci Patricia Flores, a mother who lost both her sons says she was threatened at gunpoint trying to find their bodies.

She is the leader of ‘Madres Buscadoras de Sonora,’ a search group who found the bodies.

“The skulls, the remains, showed the deep pain they must have endured in their final moments,” she told KGUN9 in Spanish.

Flores says the group was also threatened at that grave site by cars full of armed men.

“Two black SUVs pulled up to where we were digging. They had guns. Their faces were covered. They didn’t look like normal hitmen. They were very well dressed, and had guns superior to police firearms,” Flores added.

She says the men asked everyone to get on the ground. Her colleagues did. She refused.

“I stayed standing, because they came looking for me. I had to assume the consequences,” she said.

The men proceeded to strip them of their phones and said the following:

“This is a warning. We no longer want you here in Peñasco. You are stirring things up. Peñasco lives off of tourism and this scandal doesn’t help. Plus the people in these graves deserved their death. They were rapists. Murderers. Scoundrels,” she stated.

Flores admits she was shaken up, but she knew exactly what she had to say.

“If you shoot us, you will just be shooting our bodies. We stopped living the moment you took our children from us,” she added.



Do we really need this kind of “justice” in America?

We have enough of this already, but maybe not to this extent and definitely not this overt.

In Mexico the gangs often, if not always, are the law of the land.

We have plenty of violence already on this side of the border and we don’t need to start finding mass graves of children and innocent people in the middle of Arizona.

I wouldn’t be shocked if there are some similar graves in Arizona already.


Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

The Washington Standard

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