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Mexico Murders: Is There A Connection To NXIVM & The Mormon Church?

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As more and more information comes out about mothers and children who were murdered in Mexico, there are clearly some strange twists that are being reported.  Among those twists are connections between the Mormon Church and the infamous NXIVM sex cult.

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The report came from The New York Post:

The outpost Mormon community in Mexico is where underlings of Nxivm leader Keith Raniere recruited young women to work as nannies in an upstate New York compound run by the accused cult — suggesting at least in part that the jobs would get the girls away from their home region’s drug violence, according to a man hired by Raniere to produce a documentary about the group.

The three moms and six kids killed in Monday’s violence in the northern town of Sonora are believed to have been the victims of a drug cartel, which may have mistaken the group’s caravan of three SUVs for rivals, Mexican authorities said Tuesday.

The filmmaker working with Raniere at the time, Mark Vicente, told the online magazine Slate that the documentary ultimately became a recruiting video for Nxivm, which purported to be a self-help group but morphed into what the feds called a cult that sexually, physically and emotionally abused its mainly female followers.

The film included an interview with Julian LeBaron, who identified himself as the cousin of one of the moms killed Monday and who is a leader of the Mexico Mormon community.  LeBaron’s brother was kidnapped by a local drug cartel in 2009, and the family defiantly refused to pay a ransom. The cartel eventually released the abducted man.

The Houston Chronicle followed that up by reporting:

The Mormon community’s ties to the disgraced NXIVM leader’s cult-like organization were revealed in May during the testimony of NXIVM defector Mark Vicente, a filmmaker based in Los Angeles who once lived in Knox Woods, the same Halfmoon townhouse complex as Raniere.

Vicente’s testimony in May helped lead to the conviction of Raniere, 59, formerly of Halfmoon, on all charges of sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering in his trial in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn. Raniere, known within NXIVM as “Vanguard,” faces the possibility of life in prison at his sentencing on Jan. 17 by Senior U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis.

According to Moira Kim Penza, the lead federal prosecutor at Raniere’s trial, Raniere created a “girls school” for Mexican teenagers, many of whom were recruited from within the LeBaron community to live in the Albany area under the care of a “first-line slave” for Raniere.

Penza, now a partner at the firm of  Wilkinson Walsh + Eskovitz in Manhattan, told the Times Union that some of the girls attending the so-called school took courses at Jness, a purported women’s group in  NXIVM. There, they were “exposed to Raniere’s pedophilic and misogynistic teachings, and, I believe, being groomed to have sex with Raniere,” the former prosecutor explained.

“I believe the girls from the LeBaron community were targeted specifically because, having been raised in a polygamist sect, they were more vulnerable to Raniere’s teachings on sexuality, including that it is natural for women to be monogamous and for men to have more than one partner—a philosophy that served Raniere’s own sexual preferences,” Penza said.

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Tyler Durden pointed out that this story is already being pushed out of the news cycle and that may be the direct result of the entire human trafficking movement being uncovered bit by bit, even when outlets like ABC wouldn’t report on it, considering the possible ties to NXIVM and the Mormon Church.

Security Minister Alfonso Durazo, whose name has been in the press frequently in the aftermath of the attack, said earlier this week that the gunmen may have attacked the women because they suspected they were members of a rival gang during a period of intense turf wars.

In this incident, however, there could be serious consequences to believing the wrong thing. There are many other American-Mexican Mormons living in the area, part of a community that has been growing in the area since the 1940s. And apparently almost none of them believe the government’s theory that the attack was an accident.

“It was no accident. It was deliberate,” said Loretta Miller, 53, the mother-in-law of the victim Rhonita Miller and grandmother of her four dead children. “We just don’t know why our family was targeted.”

Members of the community lived peacefully alongside the cartel for years, passing through cartel checkpoints has become a fact of life for many. But some of the children who survived the massacre described how Christina Marie Langford, one of the three mothers killed, jumped out of the car with her hands up, but was shot down anyway.

Whatever happened that day, many of the residents of La Mora and Colonia LaBaron, the villages where the community lives, are contemplating moving back to the US.

For an extremely interesting look into the sexual deviancy of the modern Mormon Church that even has a history of its own founder and adultery with women of his own congregation, take a listen to these two interviews below from September of this year and the child rape by prominent Mormon leaders in Arizona.

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Then, take a listen to the sex trade in the US with a woman who escaped it all, Deanna Lynn.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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