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Mohamed Rapes 2 Little Girls in Minnesota, Gets Less Than a Year in Prison & Not Required To Register As A Sex Offender

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Technically not one of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s constituents, but just another of the gifts that resettling Minnesota with the best that Somalia has to offer has gifted America with.

Mohamed Bakari Shei, a 20-year-old Rochester man charged with raping two juvenile females, will serve no prison time in a plea agreement submitted Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2022, in Olmsted County District Court.

The plea agreement calls for no prison time and a stay of adjudication. If Shei completes his probation, the charges against him will be dismissed and will not be on his adult record. A third charge of felony first-degree criminal sexual conduct will be dismissed and Shei must register as a predatory offender.

One of the juveniles in this case was around 9-years-old and the other juvenile was between 4- and 5-years old at the time of the sexual assaults.

A female juvenile reported to a Rochester police investigator in April 2020 that Shei first raped her on Mother’s Day in 2018 at a Rochester residence. The juvenile would have been around 9 years old on that date. Shei would have been around 16 years old.

Shei told her that he would give her money for a book fair at school or buy her toys, the juvenile told police.

A different juvenile told an RPD investigator in June 2021 that Shei had raped them several times at the same residence during the same time period.

At some point, the plea deal was upgraded to 176 days in prison. Or a good deal less.

A 20-year-old Rochester man will serve 180 days in jail and up to 30 years of probation in a case involving the rape of two juveniles girls in Olmsted County.

If Shei completes his probation, all charges against him will be dismissed and will not be on his criminal record.

A family member described one of the juvenile survivors as a bubbly girl who loved to share with others, but following Shei’s multiple sexual assaults, the juvenile became withdrawn and more reclusive.

The family member asked Shei to take responsibility for what he’s done to his victims and to their families.

“Some day you will have to answer for this egregious act against a child,” the family member said.

Not on this earth, unless America jettisons pro-crime policies and sharia law.

With good behavior, Shei will serve, at most, 116 days in the Olmsted County Adult Detention Center… He will not be required to register as a sex offender.

Under Islam, 7-year-olds are considered fair game, but 4-5 year olds might be a bit much, even for Mohammed, the original one, (PBUH – Pedophilia Be Upon Him) even though one account describes the  pedophile warlord marrying a little girl who played with dolls, still Mohamed, this one, has a Somali name and Somalia is the country with the tenth highest child marriage rate.

The decision to import large numbers of Somalis means we end up playing by their rules.

A new bill tabled in Somalia last month would allow children to marry once they have reached puberty which could leave children as young as 10 years old at risk of being forced into marriage.

The new Sexual Intercourse Related Crimes Bill has sparked outrage amongst members of parliament in the country as it seeks to replace a 2018 bill aimed at preventing child marriage and protecting women and girls from sexual offenses.

Yesterday, Somalia, today, Minnesota.

You can’t expect to import half of Somalia and still retain American values and laws.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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