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New York Times: “There Is No Immigration Crisis”

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Even by the usual standards of the New York Times, Paul Krugman is particularly clueless. A hack inspired by Asimov’s Foundation novels, Krugman is unerringly wrong in real life.

Take the time that he insisted that, “By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s.” Or more recently claimed that the current rate of economic growth would be impossible.

Now the old gray lady’s prophet claims that there’s no immigration crisis.

“The speed of America’s moral descent under Donald Trump is breathtaking. In a matter of months we’ve gone from a nation that stood for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to a nation that tears children from their parents and puts them in cages.”

That’s under an article titled, The Return of the Blood Libel. Which brings, inescapably, with a blood libel. But that’s not the blood libel that Krugman is referring to.

“The mass influx of murderers and rapists that Trump talks about, the wave of crime committed by immigrants here (and, in his mind, refugees in Germany), are things that simply aren’t happening. They’re just sick fantasies being used to justify real atrocities.”

Thousands of women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s in Cologne. That’s a fact.

Krugman can read it in the Washington Post. “Leaked document says 2,000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women.” Over 100 women and girls came forward to describe these attacks.

Is Paul Krugman calling them liars? In the age of #MeToo, is the Times okay with that?

What about MS-13’s crimes in the United States? Are those also made up? Is the DOJ VOICE office just blowing hot air?

Krugman then goes on to compare these facts to anti-Semitic blood libels. Even though Muslim violence in Europe is actually driving Jews out of entire cities. This analogy couldn’t be any worse if Krugman compared a ban on the KKK to slavery.

The latest refugee outrage in Germany involves a Muslim murdering a Jewish teenage girl and then fleeing with his family to Iraq.

They found her body between the railroad tracks and Autobahn 66. The killer had stashed the girl under a bush and covered her over with twigs to keep the body out of sight and to buy him some time.

Susanna’s body had been dumped a few hundred meters from the refugee shelter where her alleged killer had been living. The traffic noise of the highway would have covered any sounds the young Jewish girl might have made as a Muslim refugee brutally raped and then strangled her to death.

At only 14, a year younger than Anne Frank when she died, Susanna had been murdered in Germany.  The teenage girl had been strangled to death after being raped. Her killer then boasted of the crime.

While the German police were searching for Susanna’s body, the Bashar family, all eight of them, were on their way back to Iraq.

Is this what Paul Krugman would call a blood libel?

“In any case, the important thing to understand is that the atrocities our nation is now committing at the border don’t represent an overreaction or poorly implemented response to some actual problem that needs solving. There is no immigration crisis,” Krugman insists.

The Iraqi Minister of Information, who could replace Krugman without anyone noticing the difference, would agree.

That must be why the Obama administration was overwhelmed and doing the same things that Trump is being blasted for. Because there’s no crisis. When huge numbers of migrants invade your country, traffic drugs, kidnap, rape and kill… it’s not a crisis.

This is not a crisis.

Marten Kudlis was separated from his parents while waiting for his mother to bring him his ice cream. The 3-year-old boy who had just been playing in the park never got his ice cream.

Instead Francis Hernandez, an illegal alien driving 81 miles an hour, slammed into a pickup truck, killing the two women inside, and smashing it through the glass wall of the Baskin Robbins.

Blood and broken glass covered the floor. Little Marten, who had just learned to ride a bike, died of a slashed jugular vein and was buried with a teddy bear.

Grace was a bright and cheerful 6-year-old girl. While she was sitting by her favorite tree in the front yard of her family home, Maximino Delgado Lagunas, a Mexican illegal alien who had already been deported twice, ran her down.

The illegal alien’s blood alcohol limit was three times the legal limit. He had been arrested before for a DUI, but was put back on the street by local cops instead of being turned over to immigration authorities.

16-year-old Kayla Cuevas and 15-year-old Nisa Mickens were separated from their parents when they were battered with baseball bats and butchered with a machete in a suburban cul-de-sac by illegal alien MS-13 members.

The brutal illegal alien assault left the bodies of the African-American teenage girls, who had been out celebrating Nisa’s birthday, barely recognizable.

It’s not a crisis. The guy who claimed the internet wouldn’t matter says so. And so does the New York Times which keeps paying him a fortune to peddle his nonsense.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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