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By not Charging Hillary Clinton, FBI Director James Comey should be charged with Obstruction of Justice & Treason

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Most of the country is outraged that by FBI Director James Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook for her compromising national security using several private e-mail servers to transfer classified material. Comey himself just as much as said Clinton did violate the law, but could not be prosecuted because at the time she was unaware that her actions were against the law.

Let’s have Comey’s statement sink into your brain for a. He said there was no direct evidence Hillary Clinton intended to violate the laws with her e mail account, but she and her staff were extremely careless.

In so many words, Comey is admitting Clinton is guilty of breaking Federal law, but will not charge her since she was oblivious to that fact at that time.

Since this logic is being used as the excuse to literally permit Clinton to get off Scot free, one would assume that others who have violated Federal laws, but were unaware of it while they were doing it should also be forgiven of their crimes. However, this logic only applies to Hillary Clinton and no one else. Everyone knows Hillary Clinton should be charged with numerous crimes dating back to Fast and Furious.

What most do not even think about is the law itself. Of course, we know Hillary Clinton has violated the law several times just while being Secretary of State under the Obama Administration, but we must also realize that others in Washington are guilty of breaking Federal law when they cover for her.

A prime example is FBI Director James Comey, when he decided not to bring charges against Hillary, even though he admitted she is guilty of actually committing the crimes, Comey was really committing a crime himself. It is called obstruction of justice.  In doing so, Comey is also guilty of committing treason in the fact that he forgave Clinton of the crime of compromising national security.

If the law really meant anything in this country, Comey should be formally charged with these crimes by the Justice Department.

Article by Tony Elliot.

The Washington Standard

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