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Rep. Ilhan Omar Marries Fundraiser & Six Figures She Was Paying Him

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Aside from all the obvious brother jokes, the grift keeps on griftng.

And that denial is now a non-denial.

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s alleged lover Tim Mynett has denied bombshell allegations that he left his wife for the Somali-born representative — accusing wife Beth Mynett in a counterclaim of waging a campaign to “ruin his career” after he left their unhappy marriage.

The DC political consultant, who has been working for Omar, denied accusations leveled by his physician wife in her divorce filing that he was having a love affair with Omar and said he hadn’t been in a relationship with any other woman during their six-year marriage, according to the counterclaim filed in DC Superior Court.

Now the two of them are married. And the union brings together all that sweet campaign cash.

Democratic representative Ilhan Omar (Minn.) married her top political consultant, whose firm received more than half a million dollars from Omar’s campaign coffers last year.

Omar denied allegations of an affair with Tim Mynett, her top campaign consultant, after reports surfaced last August alleging the two were romantically involved. During this time, cash flowed freely from Omar’s campaign to the E Street Group, a consulting firm owned by Mynett.

“Got Married! From partners in politics to life partners, so blessed. Alhamdulillah,” the congresswoman wrote in a Wednesday night Instagram post with a photo of herself and Mynett.

Throughout 2019, Omar funneled $525,000 to Mynett’s firm for consulting, direct mail, research services, travel expenses, advertisements, and graphic designs. The payments to Mynett’s firm steadily increased as the year progressed. During the last three months of 2019, Omar’s campaign spent $404,000. Mynett’s firm received $215,000 of that amount, more than 50 percent of the campaign’s total expenditures.

Charlie Kirk asks, “Taxpayers funded her campaign Now they’re funding her marriage How is this not an FEC violation?”

Good question.

But you’ve gotta give Rep. Omar credit. She’s even better at strategic marriages than John Kerry.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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