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The Globalist Central Banking System vs Humanity: A Fight To The Death

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At this time, most people know they are being badly abused by the financial “system” but they have not been able to figure out exactly how it is being done. They are rightly looking toward the “banks” and political class but still don’t grasp the process or structure of how they are being robbed and enslaved. They don’t understand the root of the problem and are therefore unable to defend themselves. The economists/politicians who do understand either profit from the system; and won’t expose it, or they are terrified of those who run the system; and won’t expose them. Some try to expose the details of the corruption but either make things appear so complicated most people cannot understand it or offer the information in a place where the average person will never see it. In an effort to resolve this dilemma I have written this article explaining the Global Central Banking system in a simplified/condensed form I think almost anyone can understand. We, humanity, obviously cannot fight a deadly enemy we cannot identify.

THE Enemy of all humanity is the Globalist Central Banking system which is a Supra-Predator getting away with universal theft and mass murder, endless ‘wars’ and genocide essentially because the people do not know what money is or where it comes from; much less how fake paper “money” is being used to destroy them. Now the banks are even heading down a darker road with a “war on cash” to pull any real assets far from humanity; the banks are reaching for absolute domination over all of humanity and, ultimately, it’s destruction. This is not a theory; the Globalists write and speak of their plans continuously but not where the average person would see that information.

Let’s begin with where we are now

The Globalist Central Banking scam is simple genius; the operative word being “simple”. It’s a pure confidence game the Banks have been able to use in order to rob/destroy a gullible public. The globalist central banks have been setting this up for more than 200 years; this is a multi-generation scam.

Example: You go to the Bank; you want to borrow $10,000; a personal loan. First, you have to provide all your personal financial information; any ‘official’ can access this information and use it so you have little or no financial privacy at this point.

The loan officer considers your financial information according to the bank’s rules/regulations. They make an offer. They will lend you $10,000 and create a Note including $2,000 in interest to be paid over four years. You look at the offer and may think, well, it’s always ‘risky’ to lend money so the bank is taking a risk. No one else can use the bank’s $10,000 while I’m using it so that’s a consideration. Further, banks need to make money; make a profit, and the interest seems reasonable while the payments are small and I won’t have any trouble paying off the debt. All of this is bunk you have been continuously programmed to believe; in fact, even many low and mid-level bankers believe it. You agree to the bank’s offer.

The loan officer then presents you with a Note of indebtedness to the bank for $12,000. If you sign that Note, the loan officer goes over to the MAGIC banking computer and pulls up your “account”. Then the loan officer simply types in the digits as a computer entry into your account; $10,000 for the “loan” and keeps the original Note for the entire $12,000; usually with an agreement your “payment” will be auto-deducted from one of your accounts every month.

So this is the scam; the loan officer typed in digits and that is all that was done. This process did not cost the bank anything because there was NO MONEY involved in this transaction.  This is why you must always have an account with the bank to do business with them; because the magic banking computers only use what are essentially worthless typed digits pretending to be “money”. As we proceed you will come to fully grasp what I am telling you but when it is first explained the mind recoils at the simplicity of it. “Digits” are NOT money. Little pieces of green paper are NOT money. You are not repaying a loan of $10,000 plus $2,000 in interest, you’re paying the Bank $12,000 of your hard earned labor=$ for the MAGIC COMPUTER entry that cost THEM…nothing. The Banks do not “labor” for their “digits” but you do. The big secret here is the fact “money”; for 4000 years and counting, is gold/silver but the banks have pulled real money slowly away from the people one step at a time until the people forgot what money was and then it was Game On for the banks. The CON: as long as you “think” those digits are “money” and those you do business with honor those “digits” as “money” then the “digits” represented by fake/fiat currency [‘dollars’/now Federal Reserve Notes; FRNs] work like money… for awhile; never forever. The dollar is coming to the end of it’s run because the Central Bank is debasing the currency by creating too much of it. This is the fate of ALL fiat currencies; paper not backed by real money; gold/silver, cannot endure and no one understands that better than the Globalist Banks.
You might not understand this yet but you will so let’s move on.

Taking it up a notch, you go to the bank because you want to borrow $250,000 to buy a house. A mortgage; banks love them. The process is almost exactly the same as the personal loan but with a twist. This time you sign a mortgage agreement for $250,000 plus $100,000 in interest to be paid over thirty years. We’ll keep this simple and say it’s a no down payment mortgage. The loan officer goes over to the MAGIC computer and again, simply types in the digits; $250,000 and sends those intrinsically worthless digits to escrow; doesn’t cost the bank anything, however, now they [and the State] have a deed/lien on a $250,000 piece of property they paid nothing for and they’ve got you on the hook for that plus another $100,000 in “interest”. You will labor for your digits for thirty years to “pay off” this mortgage then get another head fake when they hand you the deed to “your” land. All the time you have been paying the local bank for your mortgage, you have also been paying tribute to the State/King/Central banks in the form of rent called ‘property tax’. This land/home does not belong to you even though you are the only one who paid for it; no, this land belongs to the State/King [Global Bank] and you are their tenant. If you, the serf, fail to pay the tribute/tax to the State/King Bank, you will be kicked to the curb and the State/King will find another tenant. We peasants are not allowed to actually own anything but trinkets the King/Banks don’t care about. Same with business; the state owns the business and extracts its “cut” in the form of taxes; ditto your personal income. They get a cut of everything at the point of a gun; this is done through the threat of violent force from the State and the implied or real punishment for non-compliance. Brand this into your mind: if they can tax it or lend “money” to it, they own it. That includes you and me.

To understand what the banks are doing imagine you have a check register and you have an available balance of $10,000. When you have spent those digits, you can simply write in more digits and everyone will honor them; you can write in $10,000 but, instead of going to jail for kiting checks, you can just keep writing in digits and spending them. Reflect on this for a few moments and let it sink in. Imagine if you could write in whatever amount of digits you wanted; trillions for instance, then consider how long it would take you to buy everything. Literally everything; all other banks, governments, legislatures, military might, universities, the media, intelligence agencies, chemical weapons labs, the highest forms of technology and medical care, global organizations of every kind and so on. If you were inhumane and absent any sense of morality, who couldn’t you successfully bribe, intimidate or assassinate if you could create trillions in fake money honored as ‘real’? See: “Beware the Psychopath, My Son“.

Let’s take this up one more level to world governments “borrowing” from privately owned Global Central Banks. When the US government needs money it turns to its bosses at the Federal Reserve; a private banking corporation operated strictly for profit [this has been adjudicated by the US Supreme court; links below], and says it needs to ‘borrow’ 80Billion dollars this month. The Fed says great! Then the Fed officials go over to their MAGIC banking computer and simply type in the digits; $80Billion. Then the utterly corrupt, bribed, treasonous and/or intimidated CONgress/‘government’ turns to the People and declares, you, The People, now “owe” the Fed $80Billion dollars for this month. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you our $20Trillion ‘dollar’ “national debt”. There is no debt; it’s a con.

This is the scam continuing to unfold before our eyes. The Fed never loaned anyone $80Billion dollars; all it ‘loaned’ anyone were worthless digits or worthless pieces of paper from its Magical computers/ledgers/printing press. When you hear the terms: money created from debt, money created out of thin air or free money for the banks, THIS is what they’re talking about. The Banks; local, national or global, are not lending the People “money”. The Globalist Banker’s Bullion Banks are bursting with real money; tens of thousands of metric tonnes of Gold and Silver… but that’s for them, not their serfs. They tell the serfs over and over; gold and silver are ‘ancient relics’/not money; oh no, the little pieces of paper we give you, that’s your money. International debt is settled by the globalists in GOLD because they don’t use peasant paper.

We are told by first-rate hypocrites/professional liars/propagandists that we are bankrupt. Our “debt” is so terrible even our great great great great grandchildren will never be able to pay it off. We are enslaved to this “debt”; i.e. we are literally slaves to the Global Central Banks. We have no money for Social Security or social programs because we are broke. We’re all bankrupt; America, England, France, Ireland, Spain, Italy and on and on; we are “drowning in debt”.  No one asks what is this “national” debt and to whom is it owed? Who “collects” on this “debt”? Answer: The Rothschild clan’s Global Central Banks. Where did the Global Central Banks acquire the trillions and trillions of dollars, pounds, yuan, euro, yen they supposedly “loaned” to all these governments? From the MAGIC banking computer. It’s a lie/a scam/a con. There were no actual loans made from these Global Banks, no money was involved in these transactions except the real labor=value=money of the PEOPLE going through the government’s ‘tax’ collections and TO the Global Central Banking system that owns all of these governments. In other words, the people have been hoodwinked into believing they have “money and debt” when in fact, they have neither. Our “national debt” is a fraud and our “money” is counterfeit/fake. The global central banks never loaned anyone any “money”; only worthless digits, but they are demanding this totally fake ‘debt’ be ‘repaid’ to them by our LABOR/real money. We don’t have magic computers; we labor for our fake digital ‘money’.  All they tell us is simply a spew of endless lies; a confidence game and everyone at the top of the monetary food chain knows this. We The People can stand together and repudiate this fake money/debt by refusing to pay it and refusing to continue using fake fiat currencies but first, we must understand the confidence game being used against us.

I think it was Mark Twain who said something along the lines of “It’s easier to fool a man than to convince him he has been fooled”. Please don’t let that happen here. Not seeing how we’ve been gulled and gutted would be suicidal. Most people simply want to live their lives and focus on the present, however, there are psychopaths out there who are not interested in the same things we are; they want wealth beyond reason and lust for absolute power and domination over others. They set this up and ordinary people can not be expected to see it as a matter of course but now, they must see it because the Globalists have big plans for humanity; deadly plans. We are at the mercy of psychopaths who have no mercy.

How We Got Here

This information is oversimplified and condensed [otherwise this would become a book] but it is essentially accurate. We used to know what money was. We kept it in strong boxes and safes. We carried around pouches of gold/silver dust/nuggets and every place of business had a set of scales where the money could be weighed/measured and business transactions could be conducted. The banks wanted that money: the gold/silver. They built huge vaults and tried to convince the public to bring their money to the bank where it would be ‘safer’ and they would even be paid a bit of interest for storing it there.  Banks knew if they could get the people to voluntarily give them all their money, they could consolidate it and would have a fortune with which they could create for themselves an even greater fortune using that collective wealth. They could get rich simply by using other people’s money/labor; then the bankers could have money for nothing. Many people did put their money in the bank vaults but many more did not. So the bankers came up with another enticement; gold and silver certificates. Your money would be safe in the bank and you could “spend” the certificates as if they were real money; the certificates were as good as gold.

This was a genius move that took great patience on the part of the predator banks. As people began to use the certificates, they found it easier to do business with paper but they didn’t see the ‘big picture’ from the banks point of view. Those who did not want to put their money in the banks eventually became disadvantaged because store owners found it so much easier to price products and do business with the certificates they resisted using real money. We are actually seeing this process repeated today as the banks are conditioning the public to use worthless digits and plastic credit/debit cards that can be completely tracked instead of cash which offers the peasants some freedom/privacy. Converting assets to ‘digits’ held in banks means the banks will get “a cut” of every transaction everywhere, in that way they can completely control everyone and everything; the totalitarian globalist central banker’s dream, hence their aforementioned “war on cash“.

So the banks got the money; their vaults were overflowing with gold and silver coins and bars; THEY were rich because they could lend out other people’s money at interest and make money for nothing. They watched the People trading these intrinsically worthless certificates while the banks were sitting on a fortune and laughed at the people and how easy it was to cheat them; literally easier than stealing candy from a baby. They could not only lend it out, the bankers could even sell/invest other people’s money at great profit because they had so much of it. They were careful however to always hold some gold and silver back just in case one of their depositors came back to get their actual money. Therefore the bankers held some of the gold/silver in reserve. We call that “fractional reserve banking”. It was a scam then and it’s a much worse scam now because now the banks have no “money” at all.

During this time the People knew exactly what the gold/silver certificates were. They knew those pieces of paper were not money but IOU’s from the bank; they were ‘debt instruments’ the bearer could take to the bank and get the REAL money; the gold/silver. The People’s mistake was letting the fox guard the hen house; they unwisely trusted the banks and, over time, began to forget what they were doing. The People became conditioned to using the ‘paper’ certificates instead of the actual money. The next step for the bankers was to introduce a ‘gold backed’ currency to take the place of the certificates. Good as gold they said and the People accepted this because they did not understand what had just happened. However, the dollar was only partially backed by gold so they had already begun to devalue the paper; debasing the currency and creating inflation/depression or boom and bust cycles that enriched the banks because they could make the “markets” go up or down; they could buy low, drive the market up and sell high [to mom and pop investors] then drive the market down and buy low. They have done this with such regularity it boggles the mind the people don’t ‘see’ it.

In this way the bankers pulled real money another length further away from the People and deeper into their vaults. Then the banks, with the able assistance of their well paid political class servants, pulled the gold/silver; real money, even farther from direct contact with the People. In 1971 Nixon “closed the gold window” when he declared the ‘dollar’ to be a fiat currency worth whatever the market would accept. Fake fiat currencies are ‘backed’ by nothing but the “faith and confidence” in a government. Gold backed dollars were replaced with Federal Reserve Notes [FRNs] that appeared identical to the long gone ‘dollar’ and the People didn’t even notice. These pieces of paper have zero intrinsic value but, because the People and businesses were by this time completely conditioned to using this paper instead of money, the fake fiat worked like money. As noted above, it is important to understand that ALL fiat currencies eventually fail as ours will fail.

In fact, the Global Bankers are in the process of collapsing the entire global fake fiat currency system they created in order to cause absolute chaos across the planet and create an opening for them to install a universal digital monetary system they totally control to implement their New World Order. Quantitative Easing [QE] is a euphemism for debasing/destroying a nation’s currency. It means making trillions of data entries on the MAGIC banking computers which expand the monetary base [the total amount of fake fiat currency in the system] and thereby creating “inflation” which is a deliberate hidden tax upon the people; they know exactly what they are doing. Again, it’s very simple; you go to the gas station and the “price” of gas is twice what it was yesterday. You think the price of gas went up … but it didn’t; the price of gas is the same if you priced it in gold/silver. The QE made the value/purchasing power of your fake/fiat/paper/ “money” worth less because they made so many digital entries. The paper is being made increasingly worthless.  It really is imperative the People understand what is coming if they intend to survive it.

Most people have no need or desire to rule the world or dominate all of humanity. Therefore it is difficult to realize there exists a relatively small group of people; perhaps 140-150 families whose entire existence it totally dedicated to this very process. They use a kind of blueprint they call the Hegelian Dialectic to literally move humanity through various stages of self-destruction. We look around today and wonder why the college kids; the Millennials, sound like they came from another planet. They are ignorant, unreasonable, irrational, unable to cope with objective fact, live outside reality as we know it and are quite surprisingly vicious. Where, we ask ourselves, did the man-hating “feminist ideology” and the “transgender revolution” come from? Why are our families breaking apart? Why, when race relations were good and improving, are we suddenly seeing “race riots”, militarized police and being overrun by “refugees” and illegal immigrants, many of whom openly declare they want to kill us?

Things do not just happen
. They are made to happen and this is the result of the Hegelian Dialectic being imposed upon us by the Globalists/Globalist Central Banks through endless propaganda and their ownership/control of government/legislatures/education/fake fiat ‘money’ and mass media. They are using the fake/fiat/digital “money” they freely create out of thin air, which represents their endless resources, to socially re-engineer and ultimately destroy humanity because they believe it profits them to do so. They don’t believe they need six billion people to support them in the style to which they have become accustomed. If you study eugenics and the globalist’s stated goals for de-populating “their” planet, you may be surprised by the intensity of their determination in this endeavor. These people are very active today all over the world, they hold positions of great power and have the wealth to make what they want actually happen ONLY because the people/humanity does not understand it.

Structure of the Global Central Banking System

It will no doubt come as a shock to most people to discover that in the whole world… there is essentially only ONE bank. This ONE bank owns/controls virtually every other bank on the planet right down to your local credit union and including the IMF, the World Bank and the European Central Bank; they all work in collusion with each other to facilitate common goals; like a pod of sharks. You don’t have to take my word for it; this is from the Senior Counsel of the World Bank. This ONE bank creates/controls the entire global fake/fiat currency system; which enslaves humanity and can be crashed whenever the Globalist Banks choose to do so. Most people have never heard of this ONE bank that enslaves us all: the Bank for International Settlements [the BIS] located in Basel, Switzerland [also known as the ‘Vatican Bank‘]. That is its current location; since 1930, but it’s actual foundation in finance has been around for hundreds of years slowly spreading its tentacles across the entire planet. Those who run this bank; essentially the Rothschild clan, followed by the Rockefeller clan, who sit on their Throne in Basel as the collective King of the World; the actual Wizard of Oz hiding behind the curtain; a curtain we must draw back so they can be exposed. We are not sure if the Rockefellers are Gofers or competitors with the Rothschilds [perhaps both] but the Barons de Rothschild and Rockefellers are the richest, most powerful, most criminal, psychopathic and dangerous people on the planet; they are the gang leaders who created the entire global banking system, they are responsible for the endless main stream media propaganda machine, the Big Pharma/medical industry system, introduced GMO into our food supplies and much more. The Globalist Central Banks represent a small and very private club to which we will never belong, but they rule every day of our lives and affect everything we do. They are anti-human, anti-life, utterly merciless and completely absent any moral constraints. They make the Mafia look like choirboys [today, the Mafia actually works for them].

As I mentioned, the Bank for International Settlements has “branch banks”. The Barons de Rothschild began establishing these branches more than two hundred years ago. These huge banks were created in each country for the purpose of taking over the government of that country and economically raping the population. Beginning with friendly persuasion, then bribes, then intimidation or, if necessary, assassination, the banks rooted themselves into the victim country and began the process of stealing everything they could without triggering a revolution and enslaving the general population in unpayable; but fake, “debt”. These branch banks are hidden from the public because secrecy is an absolute necessity to disguise the ongoing plundering of the hapless population. In England they call the BIS branch bank The Bank of England, in China it’s the Central Bank of China, in Italy it’s the Central Bank of Italy and so on. If you seek a better understanding of the “war on terror”, push away the fog of propaganda and learn there were only a handful of countries that were not owned and operated by the BIS; they didn’t have Rothschild led Central Banks: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iran and Lebanon, North Korea and Cuba among them. Well, they got Iraq. They got Afghanistan [and the heroin industry protected by the US military]. The BIS is working on Syria and Iran. In fact, the CIA led Libyan “rebels” did something never done before in history; they established a Rothschild/BIS Central Bank of Libya almost before they fired a shot. They also stole the Libyan people’s gold [that useless “ancient relic”?]. It was one of the primary reasons for the illegal attack upon and destruction of Libya; to gain control of its assets; oil and gold, and prevent Qaddafi from using Honest Money; i.e. producing a gold dinar. If people began using real/honest money; gold/silver, it would destroy the banks whose entire power base is their control over the fake fiat currency system. If the people used other “money” the banks would lose everything.

The BIS branch bank in the United States was deliberately named the Federal Reserve to confuse the public into believing this bank works for/with the government which it does not. The Fed, as noted, is a privately owned banking corporation operating strictly for profit and the defacto “boss/employer” of the US government which essentially works for it. Most of the political class, whether these people call themselves Democrats or Republicans, Conservatives or Liberals, have actually become paid actors. However they may have begun their careers, whatever they may have intended, most have become utterly corrupt performance artists whose job is to fool the public they profess to ‘serve’ into being freely victimized by the Fed/BIS/gov. When you study this you may find it very confusing because these crafty people have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect themselves and their mindless profiteering and lust for power/domination by hiding the truth from inquiring minds. You will read they are privately owned by shareholders/different owners/corporate “fronts” and so on… but, when you follow the money, the trail leads directly to the Rothschilds and the BIS. If you have the stomach for it and some time, it is well worth the effort to view Aaron Russo’s “Freedom to Fascism“, the director’s cut for the essential story of the Federal Reserve and the illegal/unconstitutional personal income tax imposed by the Fed along with property taxes. “If you do not have personal property rights, no other rights are possible.” quote: Ayn Rand. You can also investigate “The Law That Never Was” regarding the unratified Sixteenth Amendment and read what one of our truly great constitutional lawyers has written about the illegal personal income tax in a speech he called “gangster government” regarding the lies told to the American people and all the people around the world by their bank controlled governments.  As you watch Aaron Russo’s documentary, you can let the information I have provided above sync in with it. You can further explore more documented facts by reading “The Creature from Jekyll Island” if you want to get at the nuts and bolts of how the banker’s accomplished this staggering treachery, theft and enslavement of America and all of humanity. Henry Ford said it was a good thing [for the banks] the People did not understand the banking system. For if they did, he said, “I believe there would be revolution by morning”. I agree. I also think it’s long past time for the People to understand the Banking system that is destroying them in every way.

There is no “authority figure” who is going to explain the Global Banking System to the People. No one gets into a position of great power and authority without the consent of the Global Banks and that includes national and international ‘leaders’. Whistle-blowers are ignored by the corporate/bank owned media or punished. Therefore, ONLY the People can tell the People; we need to inform each other. If you grasp this information then it is profoundly important that you, as a citizen of the country where you reside and as a human being, to make this information go “viral” as they say. For only when/if the People come to understand how they are being manipulated/robbed/enslaved and destroyed by this relatively small group of Globalists that controls “money” can the People be Free.

Through understanding the system, there need be no violent revolution at all. The Global Central Banking system is like the deadliest of snakes. We keep chasing and biting at its tail when we must cut off its head; which is fake fiat currency. This is the total foundation of the power of global banks. Take the fake fiat away and they are finished. Every leader who tried to take the people to Honest Money is no longer among the living. See, “JFK; the speech that got him killed”: listen here.

We cannot be “led” there; we must find our own way. Through understanding what fake fiat currency is, the People can simply withdraw from the monstrous Global Central Banking system; we CAN reject it. We The People are funding our own destruction by supporting the “system”. If most of us stop funding it at the same time, we will bring the entire Globalist Central Banking system to its knees virtually overnight.  It would be incredibly chaotic but IF the People understood the system, they could create and use an alternative system of barter/another form of money; honest money like gold and silver, and agree among themselves about how they will proceed. I believe 20-25% of the general population would need to fully understand this system to make any profound change. Change must come from the bottom up for it will never come from the top down. It can be done. Indeed, it must be done or I think we and natural life on this planet will be forever lost.

Article by BW Kelsey

The Washington Standard

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