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Tommy Robinson & Britain’s Descent Into Madness

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Britain’s darkest hour has followed its finest hour by 78 years.

Tommy Robinson has been freed from a stint in prison that he never should have been serving in the first place. The New York Times reported: “On Wednesday, the Court of Appeal ordered his release, pending a new hearing in his case. The court questioned the speed with which he had been tried and convicted, noting that it took five hours from the time of his arrest to a conviction.”

Indeed. Tommy Robinson was arrested, tried, and sentenced with a Stalinist rapidity, for the crime of calling attention not only to the Muslim rape gang crisis in the UK, but to the abject failure of British officialdom to deal adequately with that crisis, for fear of being charged with “racism” and “Islamophobia.”

Thus it was only just to free Tommy Robinson, and lessens the impression that Britain is becoming a police state in which it is illegal to criticize Islam and mass Muslim migration in Britain today. Britain is still on that road, but apparently in this case the May government was feeling too much pressure to keep Tommy in prison.

However, no one should get the idea that Theresa May’s government has suddenly decided to behave decently toward foes of jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women, gays, and others. Ezra Levant reported Thursday that “Tommy was physically and psychologically abused in prison. You can see it in his face. His appearance is shocking — he lost 40 pounds of weight in just two months. If he were to have stayed in prison much longer, I fear his very life would have been in danger.”

“I’m not a victim, I’m a target,” Robinson said in an interview with Levant, and the Mailonline reported that he said: “What they tried to do was to mentally destroy me. That wasn’t a prison sentence, that was mental torture.”

The treatment of Tommy Robinson in prison was unconscionable, and consistent with the British government’s determination to crush all resistance to its program of mass Muslim migration and capitulation to Sharia supremacists. The treatment of Tommy Robinson in prison was a demonstration of pure police state tactics.

Meanwhile, the establishment media defames him as “far-right” and as a “white nationalist.” Note the contempt and the vicious bias of the New York Times piece. This is Leftist propaganda disguised as a news story. Tommy is described as “anti-Muslim,” the universal label applied to those who oppose jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women, gays, etc. Was opposing the Nazis “anti-German”?

The Times also characterizes Robinson as a “far-right activist.” Anyone, no matter how socially liberal and how committed to the principles of secular, republican rule, is “far-right” for opposing jihad terror and Sharia oppression. There is no substance to the term other than to try to equate such opposition with Nazism.

The Times semaphores to its dwindling Leftist readership, if the point weren’t clear enough already, that Tommy is not to have their support, for he is supported by “former Trump aide Stephen K. Bannon but reviled by others who call him a violent purveyor of hate.” Who calls him a “violent purveyor of hate”? Hope Not Hate, a Leftist smear group akin to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Then there is the open libel that Robinson’s “divisive, anti-Muslim rhetoric has resulted in acts of violence,” he added, the most extreme of which occurred when a man, inspired by Mr. Robinson, rammed a van into a congregation of Muslims leaving a mosque in north London in January.”

In reality, there was no “inspiration” from Robinson, who never called for any attacks on mosques. The Times makes this connection based on a mass email that the perpetrator received, which itself did not call for or justify any violence. The Times rushes to connect Robinson to this incident, while it can never quite see the connection between Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” while killing people and the violent passages of the Qur’an.

And so Britain descends further into madness while the international media smears and defames one of its few remaining sane citizens. Will the free British people go quietly into the night?

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Washington Standard

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