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Total Capitulation: Theresa May Proposes Sub-Norway Brexit Deal — Concedes on Goods, Rules, EU Court and More

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Prime Minister Theresa May has conceded on just about everything in the unveiling of her “Brexit” deal, which keeps Britain inside the European Union’s “Single Market” for certain goods and which allows the European Court of Justice to regulate free grade.

Talk about a total capitulation.

MPs have now called for a vote of “no confidence” in May’s leadership while Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Boris Johnson labeled the deal a “big turd.”

What a mess for Britain — and it’s all due to May’s complete fold.

From Breitbart:

Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled the ‘Brexit’ deal her Cabinet has agreed to put to the European Union, which appears to be even softer than the ‘Norway Option’.

The bizarre proposals would see Britain effectively remain inside the EU’s Single Market for industrial goods and — unlike European Economic Area (EEA) countries like Norway — agricultural products, by signing up to a free trade area regulated by a so-called “common rulebook” dictated by the European Court of Justice.

However, Britain would be outside the Single Market for services, such as it is — a somewhat counterintuitive proposal, considering the country runs a substantial trade surplus with the rest of the EU for services, but a large deficit for goods.

Britain would also agree to remain subject to EU state aid rules and keep its employment, environment, consumer protection, and social regulations at least as stringent as the EU’s, as well as binding itself to legal agreements guaranteeing “strong reciprocal commitments related to open and fair trade” in order to maintain a “fair trading environment”.

Also from Breitbart — the “big turd” comment from Johnson:

Theresa May has been unable to contain Brexiteer anger over her “turd” Brexit proposals, with backbenchers reportedly moving to trigger a vote of no confidence in her leadership.

Left-liberal news anchor and political insider Robert Peston cited sources confirming formal letters calling for a confidence vote are being sent to Graham Brady, who chairs the 1922 committee of Tory MPs who do not hold government positions.

According to the ITV host, the letters appear to be a “spontaneous” response to the Prime Minister “traducing those who voted to leave [the] EU” rather than a concerted effort by Jacob Rees-Mogg — the party’s leading backbench Brexiteer — and his European Research Group faction.

Plans to rebel were initially reported by The Sunday Times, with backbenchers unable to stomach May’s ‘Brexit’ proposals — which would see Britain effectively remain inside the Single Market for both goods and agri-products and submit to a “common rulebook” dictated by the European Court of Justice, as well as a host of commitments to match EU rules on state aid, environmental policy, social policy, and more.

Details of the proposals were reportedly submitted to Germany’s Angela Merkel before May hashed them out with her own Cabinet at an away-day in the prime ministerial countryside retreat of Chequers.

Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Boris Johnson, who is probably the Cabinet’s most senior Brexit supporter, is said to have branded the plan “a big turd” at the meeting, and warned that anyone supporting it would be “polishing a turd”.

He did not immediately resign over the proposals, however — and several Brexiteer MPs have told him he has just 48 hours to do so if he wants their support as May’s replacement.

Other backbenchers have backed the aforementioned Jacob Rees-Mogg, with one describing the Somerset MP as “our Churchill”.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

The Washington Standard

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