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Death Penalty Prevents Future Acts of Violence: The Biblical Reason Why

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The Tale of Two Schools was instructive. In Parkland, FL, 17 are dead but the murderer still lives. In St. Mary’s County Maryland, two are dead, one is the murderer along with his former girlfriend, while another student was injured in the leg and has been released from the hospital.

In Maryland, if the murderer had lived, he would have never faced the death penalty; while Florida still executes murderers.

What is the significant difference between these two shootings?

In Maryland, you had a good guy with a gun that took out the perpetrator within one minute of the first bullet fired. He prevented mass murder.

In Florida, you had four deputy sheriffs who were armed but for undisclosed reasons would not enter the building to fire at the murderers inside the school. You could say they were preserving the school as a gun free zone; or more accurately, an open shooting gallery for murderers.

The main lesson learned here is that a good man with a gun prevents murder, and that gun free zones are only safe for murderers. However, given last week’s rally in Washington, D.C., I don’t think this lesson was learned.

One big lie that we are being told about the D.C. rally is that it was entirely student initiated, student planned, and student-led.

However, the truth was leaked in a YouTube video, revealing that the real organization leading the rally is the anti-gun Giffords Foundation.

The audio is of a Tuesday evening pre-rally meeting and features Broward County school teacher Debbie Miller coaching students on every aspect of the march they are supposedly leading.

She even reminds them to “have your talking points ready.”

Every detail of this supposed student-led rally was carefully scripted by the Giffords Foundation as Debbie Miller reveals.

Even every media contact with those students from Marjory Stoneman High School had to be handled and approved by the Giffords Foundation.

It was clear the students were not to talk to any media outside of a strictly controlled process whereby the Gifford talking points are the only thing to be regurgitated.

It is clear then that the students were not in charge, the students were not leading, planning, or organizing anything about the rally.

These unsuspecting and unknowledgeable students who are the victims of a tragic illusion became a battering ram for those tyrants who aim at the same goal every tyrant has: disarm the people before enslaving and/or killing them.

Before you can tyrannize you must disarm. Just ask, Stalin, Mao or Hitler, because it successfully worked for each of them.

We must not forget that gun control does not mean gun elimination, but rather the consolidation of dangerous weapons in the hands of the most dangerous organization in all of human history – human civil government.

Gun-grabbers refuse to be consistent: they grab from civilians, but they refuse to completely disarm the police and armaments of the military.

Remember, the one who has all the guns will always become tyrannical.

A gun is a tool – nothing more, nothing less.

When you take away guns, murderers will use any other tool to commit murder.

What our benighted society refuses to face is that guns are not the problem, the problem is our evil hearts as men.

Scripture states in Ecclesiastes 8:11,

“Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”

In 22 states and the District of Columbia, there is no death penalty, so the murderer never faces true justice for the crimes he/she has committed.

A Pew research study in 2015 found a declining support for the death penalty in our country.  While over half surveyed still support it for those convicted of murder, an increasing number are opposed.


The Scripture is true, “Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”

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