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Democrat Congresswoman Gets Evicted from D.C. Apartment for Not Paying Rent!

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There was once a principle in place in our country. This principle was one of the things that helped us become an economic and political giant in the world. It was the principle we find in the Bible. Those who do well with small things should be given bigger things to oversee.

This is lost now, and we find that we are told to ignore past performance. What does it matter that people are unfaithful to the person they married. What does adultery have to do with running a city, state, or country?

And this is seen in politics today. In one case, in particular, we find that doing well in personal finance does not bear on one’s eligibility to hold office.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic Michigan Rep. Brenda Lawrence apparently hasn’t been paying the rent on her Washington, D.C., apartment, and has been hit with an eviction lawsuit.

The Daily Caller News Foundation was tipped off by a neighbor, who noticed the court summons posted to Lawrence’s door Aug. 2. The summons requests her appearance in D.C. Superior Court Aug. 8 for a hearing.

To some, this might seem like a small thing. Maybe Representative Lawrence just got busy and forgot to pay. But, this is just what I mean. We live in a society of excuse making. We no longer wish to be held accountable and therefore we will not hold others accountable either.

How can we expect those who represent us to do well in that role when they are unable to do well in their own homes? If this principle is held for the pastor and the police, why not the politician?

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com

The Washington Standard

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