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“Gender Unicorn” Being Used to Corrupt NC Public School Children

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The liberal fascists in Charlotte, North Carolina might have been stopped from forcing unisex bathrooms on private businesses, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped fighting. The activists have shifted their focus from private businesses towards the local public school system and pushed the school board in Charlotte-Mecklenburg County to enact new guidelines on dealing with gender issues.

The folks at Keep NC Safe explain what the public schools in Charlotte are now doing:

Meet the gender Unicorn. This was included in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) training presentation on handling transgender issues under the new CMS policy that goes into effect on August 29th. It’s startling enough that the school district feels they have sovereignty to directly disobey state statute as outlined in HB2, but some of the stuff in here is shocking.

Check out some of these quotes:

  1. Parental involvementdependent on student’s permission: “Involvement of parents in the plan is determined in working with the student, considering the student’s age and health, wellbeing and safety concerns” (pg. 34).
  2. Students can choose their bathrooms and changing facilities: “Students must have access to the restroom/changing facilities that correspond to their gender identity” (pg. 42).
  3. CMS will remove some gender-based activities: “CMS will evaluate all gender-based activities; maintain only those that have clear and sound pedagogical purpose” (pg. 46).
  4. Students can choose their gender-based activities(intramural sports, dress codes, classes, ceremonies, photos, extracurricular activities, etc). This includes choosing which gender they participate with during overnight field trips: “Students are permitted to participate in gender-based activities consistent with their gender identity.” (pg. 46).
  5. Students can no longer be referred to as “boys and girls” in classrooms, but “scholars” or “students.”: “Avoid gender specific classroom management techniques” (pg. 46).

Thankfully, the citizens of Charlotte are not letting this happen without a fight. They are being helped in their efforts by one of the most influential conservatives in North Carolina,the Reverend Franklin Graham.

The Gender Unicorn? Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina wants to try to brainwash our children into accepting that homosexuality and transgender behavior is okay—and they’re using an innocent looking Gender Unicorn to do it. Parents, watch out. They are using this unicorn to grab the imagination of children and make this seem acceptable. Their new school policy, set to go into effect August 29, includes very concerning gender neutral bathroom/locker room policies and more. The policy says staff shouldn’t use the terms “girls” and “boys,” but should use “scholars” or “students.” It says that the school will work with students to determine when parents should be involved and that the staff can’t tell parents what their gender identity is without the student’s permission. Parents should be outraged and so should we.

The Communists used brainwashing in Eastern Europe and Russia, and they took the parents out of the decision-making process and the state began to make decisions about morality. This is a dangerous path.

Check out the link below—everyone should be aware of what’s going on. You can be sure that these battles are being fought in your community as well, and if not, they’re just around the corner. Be praying for the August 9 Charlotte school board meeting, and if you live in Mecklenburg County make it a priority to attend. Every school board member’s email address is in the link—you need to contact them and let them know how outrageous this is.

You can help “Keep NC Safe” and the Reverend Graham by contacting Charlotte-Mecklenburg County schools and demanding that they reverse their decision and dump their plan to promote gender insanity.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

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