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Doctor & Consultant To NHS On Promoting mRNA Shot: “I Was Wrong…Good God. What Have We Done”

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A consultant cardiologist and best selling author has spoken out on the mRNA shots, fraudulently called “vaccines.” However, while he once seemed to be a proponent of the shots, not believing they were a harm to people, he now has changed his tune and is warning others of the dangers of these experimental gene therapy shots.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra has been a consultant to the National Health Service in England and is a cardiologist. Yet, he took to Twitter in January to admit he was wrong about the mRNA shots.

“In the Times newspaper in October I discounted the contribution of the mRNA jab to cardiovascular disease. I now realise I was wrong.”

“We’ve been completely conned and the truth does not look pretty,” he added. “Time for the whole truth to be unleashed.”

“Everything I know and have learnt from the most reliable pieces of evidence and experts in the past few months has caused me to lose sleep. I feel sick. Good God. What have we done?” he continued.

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In that piece in The Times, Helen Puttick wrote, “Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist and chairman of the Public Health Collaboration, a charity, noted how in war zones heart attacks and strokes often increased among civilians after the conflict had ended. He suggested that the impact of the pandemic might be creating a similar phenomenon, helping to explain a surge in heart attacks caused by partially blocked arteries in the west of Scotland, after lockdowns this year.”

I’ll at least give the doctor credit that he is owning up to his fatal conclusions that he propagated on the people that, no doubt, led to many people going and feeling comfortable with shooting an experimental concoction of God knows what into their bodies, many to suffer injuries and many others to die.

However, I ask in all sincerity, how did this doctor not know how deadly these shots were until 2 years into this madness when we’ve been warning about these shots for a year and a half at least? Was it because of his blindness due to being a consultant with the NHS? Was it just assumptions? Was there incompetence? Was there money involved?

I can’t answer those questions. Only Dr. Malhotra can, but it seems clear from his Twitter account that he has made 180 and is warning daily about the shots, especially the latest targeting of children 5 and under by these criminal monsters who are now being promoted as heroes even while they are knowingly engaged in mass murder.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this nonsense.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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