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Lee County Sheriff’s Response To Ethics Complaint Indicates He’s Guilty

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Well, after two reports on former Lee County Sheriff Rodney Shoap’s complaint to the Florida Commission on Ethics and the local media finally stepping up, but only because it contains allegations of sexual misconduct, then-Governor Rick Scott-appointed Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno issued a statement and it couldn’t be a more admission of guilt to the charges leveled in the complaint.

I’ll give credit to the only outlet in Southwest Florida media that took the time and had the guts to expose Marceno’s crime of impersonating a police officer for over a decade in the state of Florida, FOX4, for the statement issued on Tuesday following the filing of the complaint by Shoap.

Sheriff Marceno has released the following statement: “Rod Shoap has allied himself with my opponent. These accusations are politically motivated and have been previously proven false. I am disappointed that my opponent continues to stoop to this level. As always, my primary focus is the safety and security of the residents of Lee County”.

Notice the one thing that Marceno does not state in his statement:  The allegations are not true.

Stop and think, if you were this sheriff and you were not guilty, wouldn’t you be hopping mad that a woman had accused you of the things that Deanna Williams has accused Marceno if they were not true?  Wouldn’t you be angry that a former sheriff issued a complaint against you if it was not true?  Sure you would, and you would document or open yourself up and be transparent to prove your innocence.   Everyone knows this.

However, what did Marceno do?

He attacked.

He tried to be political.

He said Shoap aligned himself with his opponent, Jim Leavens.  Now, stop and think about that.  If that is a problem and then that is assumed to be “politically motivated,” can we not apply the same to those people that support Marceno and tell us what a great guy he is in light of the documented evidence that he is a liar and a fraud and a felon, according to Florida law?

Furthermore, Marceno claims he is disappointed about his opponent stooping to this level.  Jim Leavens had nothing to do with Rodney Shoap filing a complaint.

Marceno isn’t disappointed.  Behind closed doors, he’s probably dropping a plethora of F-bombs that would make a sailor blush, no offense to sailors.

While Marceno claims that his “primary focus is the safety and security of the residents of Lee County,” I ask, how much time does he spend actually securing that?  Now, how much time does he take promoting “Deputy Dogs,” something that has nothing to do with either of those?  How much time does he spend using the DAVID system or having someone use it for him to acquire information so that he can spend more time chasing skirts in Southwest Florida?  How much time does he spend at the local casino?  How much time

Additionally, notice the blatant lie that Marceno tells.  Not only does he claim the complaint is politically motivated, which it isn’t, but he claims that the complaints “have been previously proven false.”

No, they have not.

In fact, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) was so lazy that they didn’t do their due diligence in their looking at Ms. Williams ethical complaint against Marceno that they attempted to turn into a criminal complaint.

The is the very issue that Shoap makes in his complaint is just that:  FDLE failed to do their job.  They didn’t exonerate Marceno.  They merely failed to investigate the complaint and issued a standard response (giving a whopping 7 days total from open to close of the complaint filed by Ms. Williams), which every Southwest Florida media outlet parroted without question.

One of those outlets was News-Press.com.

Though the outlet put out a lengthy piece on Tuesday, the problem is that they appeared to slant it towards Marceno and his claim of exoneration.  For instance, they provided the full pdf of FDLE’s lack of investigating anything and provided nothing to show for their “investigation” into seeing whether they wanted to open a criminal investigation, even though they claimed that they said they received information from the Executive Office of the Governor, Florida Attorney General’s Office and the FBI, including consulting with FDLE’s Office of General Counsel, they provided none of that to the public, just elements of Ms. Williams’ statements.  While that “information” is said to be “maintained in the Related Items Section of this Investigative Report,” it appears that no one outside of FDLE can see it.

However, News-Press.com failed to provide the full complaint by Shoap with references to Florida law and statutes that Marceno was alleged to have violated.  I’ll do that again here.

Here is Sheriff Shoap’s accompanying letter to his complaint.

Complaint to FL Ethics Comm… by Tim Brown on Scribd

Here is Sheriff Shoap’s formal complaint to the Florida Commission on Ethics:

Formal Complaint filed agai… by Tim Brown on Scribd

Here’s Mr. Shoap’s 6-page report that will be accompanying his letter to the Florida Commission on Ethics.

Formal Complaint and Reques… by Tim Brown on Scribd

As for Ms. Williams, everyone knows, including Carmine and his parents, that Ms. Williams was impregnated by him and even Marceno’s own mother urged the thoughts of her son that Ms. Williams murder the unborn child to save Marceno’s career.

Williams addressed the complaint filed by Shoap by saying “it speaks for itself.”

“Every crime victim should be able to trust that she can seek the assistance of law enforcement without being pursued for sexual contact by a law enforcement officer,” she said. “I hope for equal access to justice and a full and transparent ethics investigation on behalf of myself and all women who have been impacted.”

By the way, the ongoing paternity case is still in effect in large measure due to the weaponizing of the court by attorney Scott Mager to have her arrested by none other than Carmine Marceno and incarcerated for attorneys fees.  The added pressure caused her to give birth to a stillborn baby boy.  Williams informed her attorney that there was no longer any way she could provide any evidence since the baby had died, but she lacks the funds and is out of state to dismiss the case.

The person that is politically motivated in all of this is Sheriff Marceno.

After abusing his authority and interjecting himself into the investigation of Ms. Williams grand theft complaint and pursuing and pressuring her for sex, he impregnated her and then sought to have her murder the unborn baby for the sake of his career.  Phone texts show this.  Additionally, when Ms. Williams refused to engage in murder, but desired to care for the baby, Marceno clearly didn’t want to speak to her and obtained an attorney.  Now, who’s being political?  That’s right, Sherrif Carmine Marceno.  The attorney was obtained to defend him, but also to question whether or not Ms. Williams ever was pregnant.

Facebook photos indicate quite clearly that Ms. Williams was very pregnant.  Journalist David DiCrescenzo of The Patriot’s Press also confirmed that Williams was “very pregnant” to me as he had visited her on several occasions and even attended one of her appearances in court.  Yet, those supporting Marceno continue to lie and smear this woman saying that she was never pregnant.  Others could attest to her pregnancy being legit, as well as the pregnancy test she took.

While Marceno continues to go about as nothing is wrong, Ms. Williams is facing the brunt of his unethical, even criminal, behavior against her.  She is in desperate need of finances just to survive.  If you can aide her in this, please go to her GoFundMe page.

More on the complaint from Tuesday’s radio show.

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